How to cancel your Spotify Premium subscription

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Canceling your Spotify Premium relationship is reasonably speedy and easy, and you'll still person entree to your euphony room aft cutting nan integer cord. Your relationship will default backmost to a free one, which mostly intends you'll beryllium proceeding a batch much ads, which tin scope from 15 to 30 seconds.

If you're connected nan obstruction astir canceling, Spotify offers aggregate costs plans for ad-free listening and you tin cheque retired your options for switching Premium plans earlier outright canceling.

If you're really fresh to ditch Premium, here's how:

What You Need

  • Web browser
  • An net connection

Step 1: Navigate to and log successful to your account.

If you wish to cancel a Spotify Family aliases Duo Premium plan, you must beryllium nan scheme head to make these changes.

Step 2: Under "subscription," click "cancel plan."

If location is nary action to "cancel plan," your scheme whitethorn beryllium managed via a partner company, for illustration your mobile bearer aliases net provider. That company's interaction accusation should beryllium disposable connected nan aforesaid page,

Step 3: Follow each prompts until it is confirmed that your relationship is canceled.

You will clasp your Premium relationship features until nan adjacent billing date, astatine which constituent your relationship will revert backmost to a free one. Your playlists and saved euphony won't change, but you will perceive ads arsenic you perceive to them. If you negociate a Spotify Family aliases Duo plan, fto your chap scheme members cognize astir nan change.

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