How AI will change phones — and the whole internet

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Calo - Arc Search, from The Browser Company, is 1 of nan better mobile browsers we’ve tried. It besides represents thing of an existential threat to nan internet, astatine slightest arsenic we cognize it now. By searching nan web for you and creating a bespoke webpage each clip you inquire a mobility and pat “Browse for me,” Arc — and different AI-focused hunt engines for illustration Perplexity — could alteration everything from Google’s business exemplary to nan measurement our favourite blogs work.

On this section of The Vergecast, we talk pinch Josh Miller, The Browser Company’s CEO, astir each things browsers and AI. He makes nan lawsuit that there’s a batch near to lick here, but nan web is changing nary matter what, and successful galore ways, it’ll alteration for nan better. He’s decidedly correct that nan mobile web has ne'er been great, and we request a amended measurement to usage nan net connected our phones.

Then we chat pinch Allison Johnson astir — what else? — AI! Because AI is nan communicative of nan Samsung Galaxy S24 line, which Allison just reviewed. These are nan astir important Android phones of 2024, and they’re making large bets connected nan thought that AI tin make it easier to usage your telephone and springiness you caller abilities erstwhile you do. Live translator connected a telephone call! Magical photograph editing! Slow-mo each nan things!

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Finally, connected The Vergecast hotline (+1 866-VERGE11 aliases email [email protected]), we effort to fig retired whether you should commencement shooting spatial video, moreover if you person nary volition of buying a Vision Pro.

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