Google Maps: It's getting a new generative AI feature

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For uncovering a edifice that accommodates each of your friends pinch their ain dietary needs.

An animated image of 2 women talking adjacent to a smartphone surface showing nan caller Google Maps AI feature

All astir Google Maps' caller AI tool. Credit: Google

Generative AI is coming to different Google tool. This time, it's for discovering things to do connected Maps.

On Thursday, nan tech elephantine announced a caller Google Maps characteristic that integrates ample connection models (LLMs) wrong nan browsing function. If you're looking for adjacent restaurants, activities, shopping, etc. you tin hunt for places pinch a conversational punctual for illustration "gluten-free pizza places that are dog-friendly."

The Google Maps characteristic will analyse its data, including business information, contributor ratings and reviews — and photos to springiness you an AI-generated summary of results.

Google is each successful connected generative AI

The "early entree experiment" will first beryllium disposable to prime Local Guides to stitchery insights and feedback. This will beryllium a important measurement since generative AI responses often incorporate inaccuracies and hallucinations.

Generative AI for Google Maps follows successful nan footsteps of different devices precocious launched to supply summaries of reviews. Amazon has a instrumentality that shares highlights of merchandise reviews. And past week, Yelp launched its ain instrumentality for AI-generated reappraisal summaries of businesses connected nan platform.

It's a logical adjacent measurement for companies looking to harness generative AI's capabilities successful consumer-friendly ways. But, arsenic evident successful Amazon's tool, generative AI summaries aren't ever trustworthy. There's besides nan interest that AI-generated summaries are often generic and overly-simplified, which isn't adjuvant for users looking for nuanced and divers perspectives.

The instrumentality is for a different Google service, but it shares a glimpse of Google's mentality connected generative AI overall. SGE (Search Generative Experiment) is still successful Labs, Google's testing ground. But SGE likewise harnesses generative AI to supply summarized responses to Google queries successful Search, which already raised questions astir utilizing contented from publishers while simultaneously taking distant postulation to those very sites.

Whether SGE ever sees nan ray of time successful its existent shape remains to beryllium seen. But Google Maps' generative AI characteristic is present to stay, and helping to usher successful a caller measurement of really users interact pinch Google.

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