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Deal pricing and readiness taxable to alteration aft clip of publication.

TL;DR: As of February 4, get nan Plantum works identifier app premium subscription for only $16.97 — a $42 value drop.

When it comes to thoughtful Valentine's Day presents, nan Plantum works identifier app is nan eventual gift prime for immoderate works enthusiast. This resourceful app seamlessly blends exertion pinch nature, offering botanical knowledge and personalized attraction proposal for complete 15,000 works species. Whether you're a seasoned gardener aliases conscionable started getting into nan world of works parenthood, Plantum tin alteration your attack to works care.

With this intuitive app, you will person nan contented of master botanists astatine your fingertips, guiding you done each shape of your plant's journey. From ungraded action to watering schedules, and fertilizing tips to somesthesia conditions, Plantum offers a broad roadmap to nurturing thriving greenery. Get it connected waste for Valentine's Day for conscionable $16.97 done February 4.

Plantum is much than conscionable a works identifier; it's besides a trusted advisor of sorts for your planting endeavors. Like a knowledgeable works doctor, it quickly diagnoses diseases and prescribes tailored treatments, helping your leafy companions enactment vibrant and healthy.

It besides acts arsenic a works attraction diary and encyclopedia, allowing you to document your plant's maturation and wellness progress, further expanding your knowledge. Plus, pinch adjuvant reminders, you'll ne'er hide to h2o aliases prune, protecting your plants from dying!

Plantum has a unsocial ray metre that measures sunlight levels pinch precision. Knowing this information, you tin confidently prime nan cleanable spot successful your location for your greenish companions, ensuring they person nan correct magnitude of sunshine for patient growth.

Using nan app is easy! Just threat a photograph aliases take 1 from your gallery, and fto nan app activity its magic. Within seconds, you'll person a plethora of accusation on pinch tailored attraction tips to thief it thrive.

With a redemption deadline of 30 days from purchase, Plantum's life subscription is not conscionable a gift, it's a travel into a greener and healthier early for your plants!

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This Valentine's Day, springiness nan gift of botanical wonderment pinch Plantum, and watch your loved ones' gardens thrive. Note that this app useful for iOS devices only.

Get a lifetime subscription to a Plantum AI Plant Identifier Premium Plan for nan champion value connected nan web astatine $16.97 — a $42 price-drop until February 4 astatine 11:59 p.m. PT.

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