Get an easy-to-control 4K HD drone for $90

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TL;DR: As of February 5, get this Epic Flight S89 4K HD drone for conscionable $89.99 — a 64% discount.

Are you conscionable astir saturated pinch wintertime yet? This agelong of nan play tin make anyone consciousness blah. Sometimes, nan champion point to do is shingle up your routine. If you're a thrill-seeker, photographer, aliases adventurer — aliases if you conscionable want a chance to explore nan world from a different view, a drone whitethorn beryllium conscionable nan thing.  

Join nan drone gyration and return formation pinch nan unmatched capabilities of nan Epic Flight™ S89, connected waste for conscionable $89.99 (reg. $249). If you're a newbie, location are a batch of features that thief make your flights easy to manage, specified arsenic nan one-click landing mode. This allows nan drone to find its measurement backmost to you connected its ain and land.

It has a 15-minute alert time, which is connected nan precocious extremity and lends itself to capturing beautiful aerial stills and videos via nan 4K HD camera. It besides has motion photograph power for easier power of things from below. And smart hover intends it's other unchangeable moreover if it's windy.

This connection includes nan Epic Flight drone, controller, screwdriver, charging cable, batteries, 4 leaf protectors, 4 other blades, and a retention bag.

With nan expertise to do 360-degree stunt rolls and maneuver your caller drone pinch easiness (thanks to nan features), you'll beryllium extracurricular enjoying yourself truthful overmuch that it will beryllium outpouring earlier you cognize it.

Take advantage of this opportunity to prime up a feature-packed 4K HD drone astatine a 64% savings.

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You tin prime up nan Epic Flight S89 4K HD drone for conscionable $89.99 (reg. $249) and shingle up nan ho-hum of winter.

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