Get a refurbished iPad 8th-Gen for just $329.97

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TL;DR: As of February 4, get a refurbished iPad 8th gen for only $329.97 — you'll prevention 34%.

Do you request a gift to springiness your typical personification who isn't that into emblematic Valentine's Day celebrations? Someone who doesn't emotion perfume, flowers, aliases a container of chocolates? Even if Valentine's Day isn't your (or their) bag, this Valentine's Day connection connected a refurbished 8th-generation Apple iPad mightiness beryllium a location run.

On waste for conscionable $329.97 done February 4, you tin get 1 of nan astir celebrated tablets successful nan world (according to TechJury) astatine a 34% savings. While this iPad whitethorn beryllium refurbished, it's only from nan exemplary twelvemonth 2020, truthful it's not very dated. It besides has 128GB of storage, which is simply a generous number for an iPad.

This machine's A12 Bionic spot pinch a neural motor will keep things moving smoothly, moreover while multitasking. Whether you're streaming shows, playing games, aliases getting fresh for your large presentation, nan 10.2" Retina show pinch a clear 2160 x 1620 solution will let you to do it all.

This 2020 exemplary features an 8MP backmost camera for taking stills and videos and a 1.2MP beforehand FaceTime camera to, well, FaceTime. It supports nan 1st-generation Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard, though neither is included.

It comes pinch iPadOS 14 and tin beryllium updated to iPadOS 16 and up. Connect to WiFi networks anywhere, and Bluetooth 4.2 is fresh to adhd peripherals for illustration earbuds. The iPad besides has TouchID for added security, Apple Pay, and Siri.

The iPad has a people "B" refurbished rating. This intends it's successful awesome moving bid but whitethorn travel to you pinch flimsy scuffing aliases scratches connected nan case. 

You'll besides get a pre-installed tempered solid protector, Lightning cable, and wall adapter.

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Don't hold to get this 2020 refurbished iPad 8th-Gen pinch 128GB of storage for conscionable $329.97 (reg. $499) erstwhile you bid by February 4 astatine 11:59 p.m. PT.

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