Galaxy S24 problems pile up: 4 issues plaguing Samsung's newest smartphone

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No overheating issues for illustration erstwhile nan iPhone 15 debuted, but nan Galaxy S24 surely has its ain motorboat problems.

Woman holding Galaxy S24

Samsung Galaxy S24 is facing immoderate issues that request to beryllium addressed. Credit: Kimberly Gedeon / Mashable

Here we spell again.

Galaxy S24 early adopters are reporting bugs and different problems that they've been experiencing pinch their instrumentality since it launched conscionable a fewer weeks ago. Much for illustration nan various issues that iPhone 15 and Pixel 8 early adopters knowledgeable erstwhile those phones debuted past year, nan reported problems pinch Samsung's latest statement of smartphones are starting to heap up.

From show problems to wonky camera issues, Galaxy S24 owners are learning nan difficult measurement that location is simply a value to being nan first to bargain a caller gadget. Of course, location will apt beryllium immoderate fixes from Samsung coming retired successful nan adjacent future, for illustration Apple and Google rolled retired for their respective devices. 

But, for now, here's a rundown of what Mashable has been seeing erstwhile it comes to Samsung S24 issues.

Vivid show mode issue

One of nan large trading points for nan Samsung Galaxy S24 is nan display. Unfortunately, that's besides 1 of nan biggest problems facing nan device, according to immoderate users.

Across societal media, Galaxy S24 early adopters are uncovering issues pinch really colors are being shown connected nan Galaxy S24 display. Forbes recovered that moreover immoderate users connected Reddit person reportedly returned to utilizing nan erstwhile model, nan Galaxy S23, because nan colors are truthful "dull" aliases washed retired connected nan smartphone display.

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A well-known Android news source, @UniverseIce, believes nan problem lies pinch nan vivid show mode, which is meant to intensify nan colors connected nan Galaxy S24 display. As galore person pointed out, nan colour issues aren't a problem erstwhile utilizing Natural mode.

This intends that nan show problem isn't a hardware issue; it's a package one. When nan iPhone 15 faced overheating problems early on, Apple rolled retired a package update weeks later and nan overheating rumor was fixed. Similarly, Samsung should beryllium capable to reside nan lackluster Vivid colour floor plan pinch a package update, too.

There is 1 problem, however. Samsung is claiming that nan Vivid show mode colour floor plan isn't a bug; its intentional.

As reported by Android Police, Samsung Spain has provided nan Spanish-language tech outlet Teknofilo pinch a connection saying that nan rumor galore Galaxy S24 users are complaining astir is conscionable nan caller measurement Vivid show mode looks.

"We person adjusted nan colors and brightness of Galaxy S24 bid products to supply much meticulous and comfortable viewing during use," sounds nan translated statement. "Some changes person been made to nan show exertion to supply a much earthy viewing experience, truthful users whitethorn announcement differences successful colour extent compared to older devices. This show behaviour is an intentional colour accommodation and is not a merchandise defect, truthful it tin beryllium utilized safely."

However, nan connection does besides statement that it's taking successful feedback, truthful possibly nan large rejection for nan Vivid show mode connected nan Galaxy S24 will origin Samsung to reverse course.

Green statement show issue

Samsung whitethorn beryllium trying retired immoderate caller things pinch nan colors successful Vivid show mode, but this 1 surely isn't intentional. 

Some Galaxy S24 users are experiencing another, overmuch worse, show issue: A green line appearing vertically, consecutive down from nan apical to nan bottommost of their screen. Some are moreover uncovering a white line going crossed nan show too.

To make matters worse, it's not clear why this is happening — and Samsung is reportedly not taking work for nan issue. 

According to a post connected nan Samsung organization forums and a study from Phone Arena, users who are experiencing this greenish and/or achromatic statement rumor are being turned distant from Samsung, claiming nan work to hole nan rumor lies pinch nan cellular work providers for illustration T-Mobile and Verizon. Furthermore, those Galaxy S24 owners are being fixed nan runaround from nan telephone work providers, too, leaving them pinch nary prime but to return nan telephone and repurchase a caller one, losing retired connected immoderate discounts they received from buying nan Galaxy S24 nan first time.

Looking astir online, it seems for illustration this greenish statement show rumor occurs connected immoderate older models aft years of use. However, Galaxy S24 users are experiencing this rumor aft conscionable days of usage. Unless these users are dropping their instrumentality and inflicting nan damage, these greenish lines look to beryllium a manufacturing defect, 1 which Samsung would beryllium responsible for.

Faulty cameras

One of nan awesome trading points of nan Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra, nan priciest of nan company's caller statement of Galaxy phones, are nan cameras.

The Galaxy S24 Ultra comes pinch a full of 4 rear-facing cameras including a 12MP ultra-wide camera, a 200MP wide camera, a 50MP telephoto camera pinch 5x optical zoom, and a 10MP telephoto camera pinch 3x optical zoom.

Some unfortunate Galaxy S24 Ultra early adopters person received defective phones that jump while switching camera to zoom in. There are besides issues pinch definite lenses producing grainy and dull photos.

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As Phone Arena noticed, Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra personification @smasithick connected X posted a video showcasing nan "image shift" erstwhile switching betwixt different cameras instantly aft a zoom. The personification says he had not knowledgeable this rumor erstwhile testing retired nan telephone in-store, but had heard from others, including users successful Spain and Thailand, who faced akin problems pinch nan camera.

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According to @smasithick, erstwhile he went to nan Samsung work center, "the head was already alert of nan rumor affecting galore first-batch devices made successful India." Samsung offered @smasithick a replacement unit, but successful his latest update @smasithick says nan institution is now readying to merchandise a package update to hole nan issue.

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Android Auto issue

Longtime Samsung smartphone users whitethorn beryllium very acquainted pinch this problem. Connectivity issues pinch Android Auto, nan Android-device characteristic that connects your smartphone to your vehicle's dashboard, person been particularly prevalent pinch Samsung's devices. And nan Samsung Galaxy S24 is nary different.

There's a page addressing nan Android Auto rumor connected nan charismatic Samsung UK website, arsenic first noticed by 9to5Google.

"Some users person reported that they are incapable to usage Android Auto to link their Galaxy S24 to their Volkswagen, Skoda, aliases SEAT cars," says Samsung.

While Samsung recommends immoderate imaginable fixes, for illustration checking nan Android Auto settings, nan institution says nan problem lies not pinch nan Galaxy S24 aliases Android, but pinch nan aforementioned car manufacturers for illustration Volkswagen.

For example, pinch Volkswagen, location is simply a known hotspot bug that mightiness require an update connected nan conveyance from nan dealer, says Samsung.

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