Fun Factory wants you to go f*ck yourself this Valentine's Day

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Curate your Valentine's Day pinch a Fun Factory bundle.

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4 FOR $214 + FREE GIFT: Fun Factory's Anti-Valentine's Day waste is simply a four-for-$214 (plus a FREE gift) bundle featuring a scope of their best-selling toys and accessories.

German activity artifact shaper Fun Factory is promoting self-love and empowerment this Valentine's Day pinch an anti-Valentine's Day campaign. (It whitethorn sound counterintuitive, but perceive america out.)

The message: "Fuck Valentine's Day. Fuck each day." Now, that's a connection we tin get behind.

Instead of pushing nan accepted communicative of romanticist love, Fun Factory wants you to clasp self-pleasure by prioritizing self-care, self-exploration, and unapologetic self-indulgence.

To thief you get there, they're offering a four-for-$214 (plus a FREE gift) bundle featuring a scope of their best-selling self-love toys and accessories, ensuring that you person everything you request to spell fuck yourself this Valentine's Day and beyond. To beryllium clear, this intends you'll get 3 activity toys, 1 accessory, and a enigma gift for $214. That's fundamentally a 45% discount.

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Click nan Valentine's Day tab and take your experience: Going solo aliases collaborated up. From there, you tin commencement creating your kit. Each measurement of nan bundle-building process is based connected stimulation.

First, prime your powerfulness player:

Then, take an enhancer:

Add an all-silicone essential:

Finish disconnected pinch immoderate nosy accessories:

Once you person an point from each category, nan tract will auto-apply nan discount to your bundle astatine checkout.

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