Elon Musk's X tests 'adult content' label for X-rated Communities

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Unlike astir societal media companies, Elon Musk's X does let users to people big content. This wasn't a caller argumentation instituted by Musk either. Even nether nan old, then-Twitter leadership, X-rated contented was permitted. Twitter, aliases X arsenic it's now called, has long-been nan mainstream societal media work of prime for those who activity successful nan big manufacture aliases conscionable for illustration posting big content.

New screenshots uncovered by developers who track changes wrong mobile apps show that X is apparently readying to require users who create groups connected X, called Communities, to explanation their organization arsenic "adult content" aliases "NSFW."

Tweet whitethorn person been deleted

According to Bloomberg, X is testing nan big labeling characteristic retired now.

Communities that characteristic big contented will beryllium required to beryllium branded arsenic "adult content" by nan group's administrators, aliases nan big contented tin beryllium automatically removed by X.

"You must alteration this mounting if your organization contains adult-sensitive content," sounds nan rules for this Communities setting. "Omitting this will consequence successful automatic filtering of each adult-sensitive contented wrong your community."

Communities has been a characteristic connected X since its Twitter days, first launching successful 2021. The characteristic allows users to create chat groups astir a circumstantial taxable aliases niche that different Twitter users tin join. Users past station successful those communities conscionable for illustration they usually station connected nan platform, but those posts only beryllium wrong those communities alternatively of connected nan users' and platform's nationalist feeds. 

The Communities characteristic ne'er really took off. However, Musk has attempted to reinvigorate nan characteristic successful caller months. A Communities tab has been added to nan main sidebar paper connected X, and nan level lets users pin Communities to their floor plan page to beforehand nan groups. The charismatic X relationship for Communities, @HiCommunities, besides posted for nan first clip since Oct. 2022 conscionable this month.

X and X-rated content

X has struggled pinch really to grip porn and different big contented connected its platform. 

At 1 clip earlier Musk acquired nan company, then-Twitter was reportedly looking into monetizing big contented pinch a characteristic that would compete pinch nan big contented creator subscription work OnlyFans. However, arsenic The Verge reported, nan institution recovered that it did not person nan resources to moderate, police, aliases "accurately observe kid intersexual exploitation and non-consensual nudity astatine scale." As a result, those plans were scrapped.

Musk's level already blocks advertizing partners' ads from showing up connected big contented arsenic astir mainstream companies do not want to subordinate pinch X-rated content, making nan contented non-monetizable connected X itself.

However, outright removing big contented from nan level could backfire arsenic nan societal media level Tumblr recovered retired years ago. 

In 2018, Tumblr banned big contented aft building a organization that came to expect that type of contented connected nan platform. In conscionable a fewer months, Tumblr lost 30 percent of its postulation arsenic good arsenic a chunk of its personification base. Tumblr would later reverse that decision, but nan level has yet to ever afloat retrieve from banning big content.

Is X making this "adult content" labeling characteristic successful bid to further build retired nan struggling Communities feature? Or is nan explanation being built connected apical of a little-used characteristic successful bid to perchance trial retired really instituting nan explanation crossed nan level would activity out? We'll proceed to show really nan "adult content" explanation connected X evolves.

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