Donald Glover and Maya Erskine surprise call famous friends on radio

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A crippled successful which celebrities astonishment telephone their celebrated friends while unrecorded connected nan power sounds for illustration fun, but — arsenic we quickly study successful nan BBC Radio One clip supra — it's really tense.

Playing a crippled of "Sit Down, Stand Up" pinch big Greg James, Mr. and Mrs. Smith stars Donald Glover and Maya Erskine return turns calling their celebrated friends, guessing whether they'll beryllium sitting down aliases opinionated up erstwhile they answer.

The problem? Not each of them do reply — though fortunately for Glover, Michaela Coel returns his telephone correct astatine nan extremity to thief him clinch nan win.

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Sam Haysom is nan Deputy UK Editor for Mashable. He covers intermezo and online culture, and writes scary fabrication successful his spare time.

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