Catherine O'Hara is in talks to join 'The Last of Us' Season 2

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Schitt's Creek's astir fashionable national whitethorn beryllium coming soon to a zombie apocalypse adjacent you.

That's right: Catherine O'Hara, nan Emmy-winning character down Moira Rose and prima of Beetlejuice and Home Alone, is successful talks to subordinate The Last of Us Season 2.

O'Hara revealed nan news connected nan aft show of Watch What Happens Live pinch Andy Cohen, wherever she and Bryan Cranston were promoting their caller movie Argylle. Fans called into nan show to inquire if location was immoderate truth to nan rumors that she would beryllium joining nan formed of The Last of Us.

"How do you cognize these things?" a stunned O'Hara asked, pursuing up pinch confirmation that nan rumors were true.

"My son's a group dresser connected nan show," she added, noting some her children pinch Beetlejuice production designer Bo Welch, followed successful their father's footsteps successful that regard.

O'Hara would beryllium nan latest caller formed personnel to join The Last of Us for Season 2, pinch caller faces including Kaitlyn Dever arsenic Abby, a personnel of nan Fireflies; Isabela Merced arsenic Dina, Ellie's girlfriend; and Young Mazino arsenic Jesse, 1 of Ellie friends and Dina's ex.

Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey are returning arsenic Joel and Ellie, pinch filming connected Season 2 group to statesman successful Canada this Feb. for a 2025 release.

The Last of Us Season 1 is now streaming connected Max.

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