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Nicole Cammorata is nan Executive Commerce Editor astatine Mashable, wherever she helps to guideline shopping sum site-wide. A longstanding instrumentality of nan TLC show "Extreme Couponing," she gets a small thrill each clip we thief our readers find a awesome woody and put money backmost successful their pockets. (Take that, retailer behemoths!) During her clip astatine Mashable, she's built retired nan Shopping squad from its inception, overseeing nan improvement of our regular deals stories and nan description into hands-on testing and buying guides. The point she's astir proud of though is nan squad she has built, helping journalists turn and create complete nan people of her astir 8 years present and empowering writers and editors to lead our sum successful ways that get bigger and much eager pinch each year. She received a B.S. successful Journalism from Boston University and an MFA successful fabrication penning from The New School. She lives successful Maine pinch her husband, their 2 young children, and a backyard afloat of flowers.

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