Best Buy Video Game Spring Sale, day five: Save $40 on 'Star Wars Jedi: Survivor'

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Seven days of deals.

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 Survivor' container creation connected absurd background

This Star Wars escapade is 1 you won't want to miss. Credit: Mashable Photo Composite

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UPDATE: Mar. 29, 2024, 10:30 a.m. EDT This communicative has been updated pinch nan latest drops from Best Buy's Video Game Spring Sale.

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 Survivor' for PlayStation 5

 Survivor' for Xbox Series X

When one sale ends, different begins.

Best Buy's Video Game Spring Sale is here, bringing 7 days of gaming-centric deals pinch it. It's fundamentally a warmer-weather type of nan 12 Days of Gaming Sale nan retailer hosts astir nan holidays. New offers are popping up connected its website each azygous time from March 25 to March 31, pinch each woody disposable for 1 time only.

Day 5 of nan Video Game Spring Sale boasts 2 much of those deals. Today, you tin snag a hefty woody connected Star Wars Jedi: Survivor for PlayStation and Xbox. You tin get it coming for conscionable $29.99 (normally $69.99), which is simply a awesome bargain for this critically acclaimed sequel to Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. Note that Amazon was matching that discount astatine nan clip of writing.

Mashable reviewer Alex Perry praised nan game for "improving upon 1 of nan champion Star Wars games ever" erstwhile nan crippled debuted successful April 2023. The "smartly iterative sequel" is simply a immense upgrade from its predecessor, and is good worthy giving a spin, particularly if you're craving much Star Wars right now.

Best Buy's waste page specifies that each woody featured successful its Video Game Spring Sale will screen "a featured video crippled and/or gaming accessory," and that "[saving] amounts will summation each day," but we don't cognize nan afloat lineup up of time. Be judge to support checking backmost pinch america regular to get nan lowdown connected what's discounted.

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Note: Anything marked pinch a strikeout was sold retired aliases unavailable astatine its Video Game Spring Sale value astatine nan clip of writing.

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