Apple Vision Pro: The $3,500 headset was dropped on purpose. Did it survive?

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Costing astir $4,000, it amended clasp up!

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Shattered Apple Vision Pro

Did Apple Vision Pro past this driblet test? Credit: TheChoperPilot / PK Designs / Shutterstock

The metal-and-glass Apple Vision Pro is astir $4,000, truthful for each that money, it better be coagulated capable to withstand a fewer bumps and a mates of drops, right?

Tech YouTuber AppleTrack, besides known arsenic Sam Kohl, tested nan Vision Pro's durability pinch a fewer abrupt shocks. Did it stay intact? For nan astir part.

Apple Vision Pro driblet test

The Vision Pro features a ray seal that blocks ray from seeping through, allowing for full immersion into nan headset. However, according to Kohl, if you drawback nan Vision Pro by holding nan ray seal, you consequence dropping nan headset because its magnetic attachment isn't beardown enough.

If that happens, would it past nan fall? Kohl dropped nan Vision Pro from a tallness of astir six feet. Despite nan impact, nan headset didn't crack. A fewer scuffs, sure, but nary notable fractures. Even nan aluminum and downward-facing cameras remained intact.

R.I.P to nan Vision Pro's near speaker, though, because it didn't withstand nan drop.

With nan headset on, Kohl besides walked into walls and jambs, testing to spot whether nan Vision Pro tin grip clumsy stumbles into obstacles. Other than a scrape aliases two, nan Vision Pro remained fine.

Extreme driblet test

Even aft opinionated connected apical of a couch, giving much tallness to nan Vision Pro driblet test, nan headset's solid beforehand didn't crack. Mind you, this is aft nan Vision Pro had been bump-and-drop tested respective times already.

It wasn't until Kohl launched a 2nd driblet trial from his couch, this clip putting his arms up to summation nan tallness of nan drop, that nan Vision Pro's beforehand yet shattered. Interestingly, Kohl said he was capable to peel disconnected this cracked solid layer, exposing a perfectly polished integrative front.

And to Kohl's surprise, nan sensors and nan cameras were near unscathed. Plus, nan Vision Pro continued to activity conscionable fine. Save for nan surgery near speaker, nan Vision Pro functioned without immoderate issues.

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