Apple Vision Pro teardown: What's inside the $3,500 headset

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That's a batch of tech crammed into 1 wearable device.

Apple Vision Pro teardown

My eyes are up here, buddy. Credit: iFixit

Apple's Vision Pro is an costly portion of kit. It starts $3,499, and that's without nan extras and accessories which tin thrust nan value northbound of 4 1000 dollars.

But it's besides a technological marvel, pinch a ton of never-before-seen tech crammed into a instrumentality that fits onto your face. So what, exactly, is wrong nan Apple Vision Pro? Thanks to nan repair specialists astatine iFixit, now we know.

The first takeaway from nan teardown is that you should perfectly not effort this astatine home. The Vision Pro isn't made to beryllium easy disassembled, and trying to do truthful will apt consequence successful a surgery device.

Apple Vision Pro teardown

That's a batch of...stuff. Credit: Apple

The 2nd astonishing point (well, possibly not astonishing if you're caught up connected nan specs of nan Vision Pro, but decidedly astonishing) is conscionable really overmuch location is to screen here. From nan myriad cameras and sensors built into nan device, nan soul stereo OLED displays, nan weird outer EyeSight display, nan speakers, nan never-before seen connectors, nan ray seals and look cushions, nan lens inserts and headbands, to nan caller R1 spot inside, this is 1 analyzable gadget.

To spot what we mean, conscionable watch nan video beneath and count really galore screws are unscrewed during nan teardown. It's a lot.

The teardown focuses rather a spot connected nan EyeSight, which it calls a "dim" and "low-resolution" show that "adds a batch of bulk, weight, complexity, and disbursal to nan astir weight-sensitive portion of nan headset." Given nan early reviewers' impressions of nan EyeSight, it appears that Apple mightiness person done amended to conscionable nix nan thought of displaying a simulated type of your eyes to bystanders. But past again, possibly an improved, early type of nan instrumentality fixes these shortcomings.

As for nan outer artillery pack, it's fundamentally 3 iPhone-sized batteries crammed into a housing. The 1 astonishment present is that nan batteries themselves measurement only 184 grams, which makes america wonder: why nan heck does nan artillery battalion needs to measurement 353 grams? It's not clear from nan teardown.

It appears that this first teardown is conscionable scratching nan surface, and iFixit says it will travel up pinch much teardown videos soon. For now, however, nan verdict is akin to everything we've seen and heard astir nan Vision Pro truthful far: It's awesome but complicated, imperfect but decidedly very, very interesting.

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