Apple Vision Pro: First customer to grab it causes quite a commotion

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The Apple Vision Pro mania begins.

Apple Vision Pro motorboat astatine NYC

Apple's Fifth Avenue shop causes a commotion arsenic Vision Pro motorboat kicks off. Credit: Elizabeth de Luna / Mashable

The Apple Vision Pro officially deed shop shelves connected Friday, attracting Apple enthusiasts to brick-and-mortar stores each complete nan U.S. However, we've sewage our sights group connected Apple's Fifth Avenue Store successful New York City.

Mashable's Elizabeth de Luna decided to cheque retired nan segment this greeting astatine nan Manhattan location, and arsenic it turns out, Apple CEO Tim Cook made an appearance, too.

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The power surged further arsenic nan store's first Apple Vision Pro customer walked retired pinch a headset container that must've group him backmost astatine slightest $3,499.

First Apple Vision Pro customer from NYC shop attracts applause

Apple Vision Pro

Crowd erupts successful applause complete nan store's first customer. Credit: Elizabeth de Luna

The Fifth Avenue Apple store's first Vision Pro customer stepped out, and suddenly, nan Apple labor erupted successful applause and praise.

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The monolithic container astir took up nan magnitude of his torso arsenic he showed disconnected nan package for illustration a title trophy.

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The hubbub complete nan first-generation headset apt stems from nan truth that this is Apple's first caller merchandise successful 7 years.

According to CNN, astir 200 group lined up ahead of nan 8 a.m. shop opening to either drawback a $4,000 headset aliases demo nan head-mounted show for themselves.

The Vision Pro, peculiarly pinch nan likes of nan $500 Quest 3 connected nan market, will beryllium a reliable sell. As mentioned, its value tag is simply a difficult pill to swallow. According to nan New York Times, a maxed-out Vision Pro headset tin group you backmost $4,600.

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