Apple Vision Pro: 3 features it shares with Meta Quest 3 that may shock you

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Yes, nan $4k Vision Pro shares a batch of similarities pinch a $500 headset.

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Apple Vision Pro and Meta Quest 3

Credit: AdriaVidal/Shutterstock/Meta

Apple Vision Pro has a starting value of astir $4,000, and yet, immoderate of its champion trading points tin beryllium recovered connected nan $500 Meta Quest 3 headset.

Of course, according to journalists who person reviewed nan Vision Pro, its cutting-edge internals present crisp and clear visuals that nan Quest 3 can't compete pinch — arsenic good arsenic top-of-the-line oculus tracking.

However, for conscionable a fraction of nan price, nan Quest 3 has a slew of similarities that it shares pinch nan Vision Pro that whitethorn astonishment nan mean Joe.

1. You tin usage your MacBook wrong nan headset

One characteristic Apple pushes pinch nan Vision Pro is its expertise to reflector your MacBook display. Would you judge maine if I told you that nan Quest 3 tin do nan same?

Horizon Workrooms

Horizon Workrooms Credit: Meta

When I tried Horizon Workrooms successful 2021, a VR app that attempts to bring nan agency into nan "metaverse" (yes, I know, I'm sick of that word, too), I was blown distant erstwhile nan developers down nan task showcased really they brought their MacBooks wrong nan Quest 2 headset. (It also, arsenic you mightiness person guessed, useful pinch nan Quest 3.)

Inside nan app, 1 could spot what's displayed connected their MacBook screen.

However, nan process of making this hap is simply a small much convoluted, involving a screen-mirroring Mac app, a punctual that guides you to way your MacBook's keyboard, and an onboarding process that invites you to representation your real-world desk.

Apple Vision Pro

Apple Vision Pro demo shows MacBook surface mirroring Credit: Apple

With nan Apple Vision Pro, however, it appears that you simply request to look astatine a MacBook, and voila, its surface will look wrong nan headset.

2. Hand tracking

You whitethorn not beryllium aware, but nan Quest 3 does, indeed, support manus tracking. By pinching your fingers together, you tin resistance virtual windows wrong nan headset, moving them wherever you want successful your simulated environment.

For example, pinch nan hovering main paper wrong nan Quest 3, you tin pinch-and-hold a area and spot it wherever you please. You tin besides scroll done virtual windows, for illustration via nan Meta Quest Browser, by pinching and dragging nan UI.

However, arsenic personification who owns a Quest 3, manus search is admittedly buggy. The headset isn't nan champion astatine "sensing" whether I've grasped a virtual artifact, but scrolling and making selections typically activity seamlessly.

Pinching nan main icons connected Apple Vision Pro

Credit: Apple

Unlike nan Quest 3, nan Apple Vision Pro exclusively relies connected oculus and manus search (the Quest 3 comes pinch controllers). TechCrunch said Vision Pro's expertise to way users eyes and hands are "near perfect." ZDNet said it was "smooth" and "easy to learn."

3. 3D spatial video support

Thanks to a caller package update Meta rolled connected Feb. 1, Quest 3, for illustration Vision Pro, now officially supports 3D spatial video.

Users tin now upload captured spatial 3D footage done Quest's mobile app. Consequently, Meta will auto-convert your contented and nonstop it to your headset.

Apple Vision Pro showcases Spatial Video successful demo

Credit: Apple

Interestingly, these spatial videos will characteristic a akin "cloudy separator effect" that nan Vision Pro delivers.

Final thoughts

As a bonus, it's besides worthy noting that both headsets stock AR capabilities.

When Meta unleashed nan Quest 3 past fall, it boasted astir its caller augmented reality (AR) support. In different words, nan Quest 3 tin blend your real-world situation pinch virtual artifacts. This is simply a measurement up from nan Quest 2 which, for nan astir part, is conscionable a virtual reality (VR) headset.

Meta Quest 3 promo

Credit: Meta

The Quest 3 tin do both. It allows nan personification to dive into immersive experiences (e.g., VR) wherever nan personification is wholly surrounded by a simulated environment. On nan different hand, it besides lets you induce your ain surroundings to nan headset, acknowledgment to 4 cameras that activity together for spatial search and full-color rendering.

The Apple Vision Pro besides supports AR and VR. But dissimilar nan Quest 3, it has a whopping 12-camera system.

Thanks to a reality dial connected nan headset, you tin summation nan immersion until you're experiencing afloat VR. You tin besides dial it back, allowing much of your real-world surroundings to seep into nan headset.

Juggling respective apps successful Apple Vision Pro

Credit: Apple

Both nan Apple Vision Pro and Meta Quest 3 tin watercourse movies and TV shows, play AR games for illustration Demeo (a turn-based table-top game), and juggle aggregate windows for productivity wrong a simulated environment.

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