Apple's new iPad Pro is coming in May, report claims

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There will beryllium a caller iPad Air arsenic well.

Apple iPad Pro

It's been a agelong wait, but caller iPads are (hopefully) yet coming. Credit: XH4D/Getty Images

Apple's caller iPad Pro and iPad Air are coming a small later than anticipated.

In early March, we've seen reports that Apple is astir to motorboat caller iPads and MacBooks, but only nan second portion really happened, pinch nan institution launching 2 new MacBook Air devices.

Now, Bloomberg's Mark Gurman claims that Apple is readying to motorboat caller iPad Pro and caller iPad Air devices successful "early May."

According to nan report, nan caller iPad Pro models will travel pinch OLED displays, and nan iPad Air will look successful a 12.9-inch type for nan first clip (currently, iPad Air is only disposable pinch a 10.9-inch display).

It whitethorn not consciousness this measurement fixed really engaged Apple has been (the institution launched nan Vision Pro mixed reality headset successful February, and it followed up pinch caller MacBook Air devices successful March), but we haven't seen caller iPads successful ages. The iPad Pro was past refreshed successful October 2022, and nan iPad Air sewage an update successful March 2022.

The caller iPad Pro and iPad Air are besides apt to travel pinch faster chips and improved accessories, including a caller Magic Keyboard and Apple Pencil for nan iPad Pro.

Earlier reports said that nan caller iPad Pro models will beryllium thinner than existent models, and that they'll beryllium disposable pinch a matte surface option.

Gurman claims that Apple really did scheme to unveil caller iPads successful March, but nan institution delayed nan motorboat owed to nan manufacturing complexity of nan caller screens, arsenic good arsenic immoderate delays connected nan package side.

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