Apple's iOS 18 will be absolutely huge, report claims

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The institution considers it to beryllium 1 of nan biggest iOS updates successful history.

iPhone Siri

Siri is astir to get smarter. Credit: Thomas Trutschel / Getty Images

Apple's upcoming iOS 18, apt to beryllium announced during the company's WWDC event successful June, mightiness beryllium 1 of nan biggest successful nan company's history.

This is according to Bloomberg's Mark Gurman, who talked astir nan upcoming merchandise successful nan subscribers-only information of his newsletter (via 9to5Mac). He claims that iOS 18 is "seen wrong nan institution arsenic 1 of nan biggest iOS updates — if not nan biggest — successful nan company’s history."

The truth that Apple considers iOS 18 to beryllium very important isn't new; Gurman himself wrote astir it successful November 2023, while besides reporting that Apple past took nan different measurement of pausing improvement of iOS 18 to attraction connected ironing retired nan bugs.

One point that makes nan upcoming type of Apple's mobile level is astir apt nan attraction connected generative AI. According to Gurman, this intends a smarter Siri and acold much AI integration into basal iOS features including Messages and Apple Music.

But Gurman now says that there's a "lot more" coming pinch iOS 18, though specifications connected what, exactly, are absent.

Macrumors pointed out that Apple announced support for cross-platform messaging modular RCS connected nan iPhone sometime later successful 2024, which mightiness coincide pinch nan motorboat of iOS 18. For users, RCS support intends that Android users will person a amended acquisition erstwhile exchanging messages pinch iPhone users, and vice versa.

In immoderate case, pinch truthful overmuch connected nan line, this year's WWDC will astir apt beryllium exciting. Apple's developers-centered convention hasn't officially been announced yet, but it typically takes spot successful June.

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