Anker’s MagSafe-friendly 622 Magnetic Battery is half off right now

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Anker’s new Qi2-compatible chargers whitethorn beryllium capturing each nan attention, but that doesn’t mean older devices for illustration nan Anker 622 Magnetic Battery (MagGo) aren’t worthy a look. The portable, 5,000mAh charger whitethorn not beryllium arsenic accelerated arsenic Anker’s caller Qi2 MagGo Power Bank, but it’s still one of our favourite models — 1 you tin presently prime up for $34.99 (half off) astatine Amazon and Walmart.

While nan caller 6,600mAh MagGo Power Bank recharges your telephone doubly arsenic quickly, Anker’s magnetic Qi charger still delivers a respectable 7.5 watts of powerfulness to MagSafe-compatible phones. It besides weighs a batch less, making it a amended action if you want thing you tin easy slap onto your telephone while connected nan go. Its foldable kickstand whitethorn not beryllium arsenic sturdy arsenic nan caller charger’s, but it tin besides still prop up moreover nan largest iPhones good enough. Plus, Anker updated nan 622 pinch a side-mounted USB-C larboard that offers passthrough wireless charging, truthful you tin besides usage it arsenic a wireless charging pad while your phone’s propped up.

Anker’s 621 Magnetic Battery (MagGo) holding up an iPhone pinch its kickstand connected a desk.Anker’s 621 Magnetic Battery (MagGo) holding up an iPhone pinch its kickstand connected a desk.

A portable powerfulness slope pinch magnetic wireless Qi charging, a convenient folding kickstand, and a USB-C larboard for wired charging. The original exemplary has its USB-C larboard connected nan bottom, while a revised type has it connected nan broadside to let passthrough wireless charging while nan telephone is propped up connected nan stand.

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