Amazon deal of the day: Snag an Echo Pop and smart color bulb for just $23

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It should travel arsenic nary astonishment that we emotion a bully deal present astatine Mashable. We're regularly scouring nan web for nan champion deals around, and Amazon's discounts thin to guidelines retired successful an oversaturated shopping market.

While there's presently nary large shopping vacation connected nan almanac (until Prime Day, of course), nan unit elephantine is still wowing america pinch savings connected this random Friday successful March. Amazon's ain devices, successful particular, are seeing awesome discounts up to 40% off. If you're looking to do immoderate unit therapy heading into nan weekend, we've sewage you covered pinch nan champion Amazon deals of nan day.

Our apical pick

Who doesn't emotion free stuff? As of March 29, you tin get nan Echo Pop speaker paired pinch an Amazon Basics smart ray bulb for only $22.99. That's nan aforesaid value arsenic nan Echo Pop connected its ain astatine nan existent waste value (regularly $39.99). The Amazon Basics smart bulb regularly costs $12.99, truthful you'll beryllium pocketing that magnitude by snagging nan bundle. The Echo Pop is simply a "good budget-friendly action successful nan Echo lineup," according to Mashable's reviewer, SaVanna Shoemaker, and makes a bully summation to nan homes of folks "who for illustration to support euphony playing, and who besides usage Alexa arsenic a location assistant."

Amazon's Big Spring Sale fell short successful nan Kindle department, but this Kindle Scribe woody makes up for it. At $319.99, it's astir $15 awkward of its lowest value to day and nan biggest discount we've seen since Black Friday season. You'll prevention $100 connected nan 64GB type pinch nan premium pen, which is simply a stylus pinch a virtual eraser connected nan backmost and a customizable shortcut fastener connected nan side. The Scribe isn't a cleanable device, but it does span nan spread betwixt accepted reference and e-reading by allowing you to people up books to your heart's content. If you don't request nan other storage, nan basal pen action (which is fundamentally conscionable a stylus) pinch 16GB is also connected sale for its lowest value since Black Friday.

Just past week, during Amazon's Big Spring Sale, we saw nan Anker Soundcore Space A40 earbuds driblet to an all-time debased $49.99. As of March 29, they're 99 cents cheaper. We haven't had a chance to reappraisal nan buds ourselves, but our friends complete astatine PCMag (which is owned by Mashable's publisher, Ziff Davis) tested them to find they "deliver value progressive sound cancellation and balanced, elaborate audio for a humble price." These buds boast 50 hours of audio playback, a fast-charging characteristic that delivers a four-hour artillery life boost successful conscionable 10 minutes, and adaptive sound cancellation — and each for nether $50.

How astir different awesome earbuds deal? The Echo Buds (2nd gen) pinch nan wired charging lawsuit are down to conscionable $54.99 from $119.99. That's 54% successful savings and conscionable $5 awkward of nan all-time debased price, which they haven't deed since March 2022. The Echo Buds 2, according to Mashable's ain Alex Perry, are "a really solid brace of noise-cancelling earbuds that will spell easy connected your wallet." The artillery life is conscionable OK, but nan effective progressive sound cancellation, comfort, and coagulated sound value dress up for it. Not to mention, nan debased cost.

Mashable Deals

While this Shark aerial purifier woody has been floating around for a mates of weeks, it's still worthy nan buy. At $149.99, it's down to an all-time debased value — conscionable successful clip for highest allergy season. Thanks to its anti-allergen nanoseal and Clean Sense IQ technology, it captures 99.98 percent of large, small, and micro-sized pollutants successful nan aerial and automatically adjusts connected nan regular to support accordant aerial quality. It's champion suited for a 500-square-foot room aliases smaller.

None of these deals catching your eye? Check retired Amazon's regular deals for moreover much savings.

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