A year of this AI-powered piano learning app is only $39.99

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Deal pricing and readiness taxable to alteration aft clip of publication.

TL;DR: As of February 2, get one twelvemonth of Skoove Premium Piano Lessons for only $39.99, aliases get Skoove Piano lessons for life for $149.99.

The cardinal to learning soft mightiness beryllium your teacher, but cipher said your coach has to beryllium human. Skoove is an AI-powered soft tutoring app that listens arsenic you play and makes recommendations based connected your expertise. Whether you're a beginner aliases person immoderate acquisition tapping nan ivory, you mightiness find thing useful from hundreds of lessons and thousands of instructional soft videos. You tin get your Valentine Skoove for a twelvemonth for $39.99 aliases for life for $149.99, but some these prices are only present for a small spot longer, truthful return note. 

A unsocial and philharmonic Valentine's Day gift

Skoove gives soft students nan chance to study from AI, whether they're beginners, intermediate players, aliases advanced. Just for illustration a existent soft teacher, Skoove listens while you play, but it uses AI to admit each statement and supply real-time feedback and personalized lessons. It's benignant of for illustration a coach you tin support connected your iPhone aliases iPad. There are complete 400 lessons to take from and thousands of instructional videos. Skoove moreover shows you really to play everything from modern songs to classical pieces from composers for illustration Bach and Beethoven. 

Both subscriptions travel pinch one-on-one support from instructors on pinch updated lessons and typical courses. Skoove useful pinch each pianos and keyboards, truthful you tin get this for your loved 1 whether they're utilizing a classical soft aliases a USB/MIDI keyboard.

A valentine for personification who loves you 'Bach'

Until February 4 astatine 11:59 p.m. PT, get these AI-powered soft lessons connected sale:

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