A survival guide to Alfie, the horrifying feline monstrosity in 'Argylle'

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One Cat Dad speaks up.

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Bryce Dallas Howard and Chip nan feline successful "Argylle."

Dare you look into nan eyes of this cat? Credit: Universal Pictures

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Remember Cats? Not everyone’s favourite felines, but nan 2019 Tom Hooper-directed movie philharmonic Cats. That movie collapsed nan net (and possibly nan world) pinch its incredibly creepy human-cat hybrids, acknowledgment mostly to immoderate deplorable working conditions that led to lackluster VFX. But there's a caller subordinate successful nan creepy feline game, 1 truthful unsettling that it'll make you wonderment if you'll ever want a feline friend successful your location again. Meet Alfie, nan four-legged panic of Argylle

Whether walking to sojourn family aliases fleeing from assassins, writer Elly Conway (Bryce Dallas Howard) ever has her feline Alfie, a Scottish Fold, by her broadside — aliases rather, successful a backpack. It's a CG abomination, and frankly it wouldn't wouldn't beryllium amiss successful Pet Sematary. But don’t worry, we'll process this together. 

This is simply a endurance guideline for managing each nan analyzable feelings that will inevitably originate watching Alfie successful Argylle.

The first daze and anger upon seeing Alfie.

Chip nan feline successful "Argylle."

Credit: Universal Pictures

I've had a feline successful my life since I was successful kindergarten, and I person ne'er erstwhile seen a feline that looks for illustration Alfie. At first glance, Alfie looks for illustration an existent cat. But seconds later, erstwhile you’re staring into its dormant integer eyes, it's clear that you’re dealing pinch thing acold much sinister. Nothing astir his movements feels authentic. His rima feels awry, and its paws look strange. Alfie’s fur seems believable, which makes nan full point much uncomfortable. You tin ne'er gauge if this feline is friend aliases foe. It’s an incredibly overseas prime to CG each changeable of this cat, but you tin show by Alfie’s movements that this is thing but a cat-poster. 

Most of nan clip Alfie is on-screen, he’s successful Elly’s backpack, which conveniently has a bubble-shaped model for Alfie to look retired of, and little fortunately, offers america a chance to look astatine Alfie. Occasionally Alfie blinks aliases moves slightly, breaking nan illusion that personification has trim and pasted a photograph of this feline and glued it to nan backpack. Because astir of nan time, he’ll beryllium location looking disconnected into space, successful what seems to beryllium a nonstop reference to nan celebrated and adorable laser yearbook photograph cat that went viral successful 2014. But while that photograph is adorable and that feline is bursting pinch personality, Alfie’s look is wholly vacant.

Coming to position pinch a feline hellspawn.

Chip and head Matthew Vaughn connected nan group of "Argylle."

Credit: Universal Pictures

Now that we’ve processed nan measurement Alfie’s blank stares burrow their measurement into your mind (and nightmares), it’s clip to uncover an incredibly harsh truth. Alfie is simply a existent cat; much specifically, he's nan pet of Argylle director Matthew Vaughn's daughter. The cat's breed, Scottish Fold, is besides origin for concern, arsenic it's associated pinch exorbitant costs and significant wellness issues — truthful overmuch truthful that animal use organizations person raised concerns complete having nan Scottish Fold shown prominently successful nan film.

Alfie's existent sanction is Chip (in a spy movie-level twist, my ain puerility cat’s sanction was Chip), and possibly he was connected group for immoderate scenes. But Chip's capacity is intelligibly very heavy digitized. In immoderate scenes, it makes cleanable consciousness — Alfie gets thrown disconnected of a roof, aft each — but successful others, for illustration erstwhile he's conscionable stepping around, he winds up looking for illustration nan unfortunate of a creepy Snapchat filter. It’s eerie and difficult to process. Still, knowing that there’s a existent feline down Alfie winds up being much reassuring than terrifying.

Just erstwhile you deliberation you’re astatine peace, immoderate feline proprietor will beryllium struck by a concerning realization: Where successful nan world is his litter box? It’s a gross but consenting sacrifice immoderate feline proprietor will make — (most) cats don’t usage a toilet, aft all; they poo and pee successful a box. This leads america to nan devastating conclusion, conscionable arsenic we were yet getting comfortable pinch this goblin lurking around, that he's forced to relieve himself successful nan aforesaid backpack he spends 95% of nan movie in. That’s conscionable unforgivable. Perhaps that dormant look isn't a method error, but a outcry for thief from a integer feline trapped by a cutesy bearer to bring immoderate charm to this cat-astrophe of an action-comedy. 

Finally, we travel to acceptance.

Bryan Cranston and Chip nan feline successful "Argylle."

Credit: Universal Pictures

After hours of being mostly innocuous, conscionable sitting location and judging you pinch his soulless glare, Alfie reveals his existent intentions. What should beryllium a hilarious infinitesimal of a deranged feline flying astatine Bryan Cranston's snarling villain becomes thing much sinister, erstwhile Alfie afloat connected kills nan vicious spymaster. It’s successful this sadistic death-by-eye-gouge that we yet study what Alfie is tin of, and it's nan benignant of unit that recalls Game of Thrones. (RIP, Oberyn Martell!)

There’s nary hesitation; Alfie leaps from nan crushed successful a unsighted rage, and a close-up changeable reveals nan afloat grade of nan menace that’s been hiding successful his (allegedly) saccharine face. It’s present we spot nan demon successful his last shape snarling astatine nan camera, teeth unsheathed, and fresh for murder. 

There's plentifulness of killings successful Argylle; it is, aft all, from nan filmmaker down Kick-Ass and Kingsman. Yet Alfie makes alarmingly speedy activity of Elly’s force and promptly returns to her side, sitting calmly arsenic if thing ever happened. After astir 2 hours of worrying astir what this demonic animal is tin of, he has shown america his full, shocking potential. 

Finally, we tin scope acceptance — not that we are safe and that Alfie is conscionable computer-generated, but that 1 day, this furry small hellion will travel for america all.

Argylle is now successful theaters.

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