5 ways Meta Quest 3 bests Apple Vision Pro

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Apple Vision Pro whitethorn beryllium amended for AR, but for gaming, nan Quest 3 takes nan lead.

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Men wearing Apple Vision Pro and Meta Quest 3 headsets

Credit: Apple / Meta

The $3,500 Apple Vision Pro, arsenic 1 mightiness expect, has galore features that hit nan Meta Quest 3.

It has micro-OLED, high-resolution 4K displays, superior manus search (the Quest 3's manus search tin beryllium unreliable), supports oculus tracking, features sophisticated, high-end materials (metal-and-glass chassis vs. plastic), and more.

However, nan Apple Vision Pro's dominion complete nan Quest 3 isn't a full sweep. Surprisingly, location are aspects of nan Quest 3 that really bests nan Apple headset.

1. Better weight distribution

Journalists and influencers who tested nan Apple Vision Pro person gushed complete its hand-and-eye search capabilities, but nan astir communal captious feedback I've seen is that nan Apple headset is excessively damn heavy.

Woman wearing Apple Vision Pro

Credit: Apple

According to The Verge, nan Vision Pro weighs astir 1.4 pounds, springiness aliases take. The Quest 3, connected nan different hand, weighs astir 1.1 pounds. In my eyes, it's not conscionable nan weight delta that makes nan Quest 3 look lighter than nan Vision Pro — nan Meta headset apt has amended weight distribution.

CNET remarked that nan Vision Pro feels a spot excessively "top heavy." Apple apt packed astir of nan components to nan beforehand of nan head-mounted display. So moreover though a 1.4-pound headset should feel light, users will consciousness discomfort owed to mediocre weight distribution.

Apple Vision Pro

Credit: Apple

As a Meta Quest 3 owner, I tin attest it feels comfortable and lightweight. However, its materials, compared to nan Vision Pro, are acold cheaper, from its flimsy, easy-to-soil nylon and polyester straps to its integrative chassis.

2. Access to Steam games

The Quest statement is, of course, much established than nan nascent Apple Vision Pro. As such, there's a monolithic portfolio of mixed-reality and VR games for nan Quest 3.

Meta Quest library

Credit: Meta

Apple announced that Vision Pro users will person entree to 250 Apple Arcade games, including NBA 2K24 Arcade Edition, Sonic Dream Team, and more. However, arsenic DigitalTrends pointed out, playing these games whitethorn consciousness much for illustration a big-screen acquisition arsenic opposed to emotion for illustration you're immersed wrong a immense virtual world.

Woman playing NBA 2K24 connected Vision Pro

Credit: Apple

You'll besides find low-intensity games for illustration Demeo (a D&D-inspired tabletop AR game), Super Fruit Ninja, and Just Hoops (basketball game) successful Vision Pro.

Super Fruit Ninja

Super Fruit Ninja Credit: Apple

Still, this doesn't travel adjacent to what nan Meta Quest offers. Not only tin you pat into nan Quest Store for games, but if you person a really agelong USB-C cablegram for illustration this one, and a VR-ready gaming laptop, you tin dive into Steam's wide assortment of AR/VR games, too.

It's besides worthy noting that Apple isn't trading Vision Pro arsenic a gaming headset. It is, instead, a spatial machine that is designed to facilitate productivity, mundane tasks, and ocular entertainment. As such, if you're hoping that nan high-res displays and reported top-of-the-line search will construe into a futuristic, cutting-edge gaming experience, you whitethorn extremity up emotion disillusioned.

Apple Vision Pro location screen

Credit: Apple

However, if you judge Vision Pro for what it is — an immersive hold of nan Apple ecosystem — you should emotion it.

3. Totally wireless

The Vision Pro doesn't needfully tether you to an outlet. But it does travel pinch a artillery battalion that tech YouTuber MKBHD remarked is simply a small heavier than expected. You tin complaint nan artillery pack, and erstwhile it's juiced up, link it to nan Vision Pro to springiness it astir 2 to 2.5 hours of artillery runtime connected a azygous charge.

Apple Vision Pro

Credit: Meta

However, I'd reason that nan outer artillery pack, attached to nan Vision Pro via a proprietary connector, thwarts america from calling nan Vision Pro a existent wireless headset.

The Quest 3, connected nan different hand, is wholly wireless.

Meta Quest 3

Credit: Meta

Once you complaint nan headset itself, you're bully to go. In my experience, it shares a akin artillery life arsenic nan Vision Pro: 2 to 2.5 hours.

4. It has autochthonal YouTube, Netflix apps

In lawsuit you missed it, nan Apple Vision Pro does not have autochthonal YouTube and Netflix apps.

This is simply a bummer because these apps connected nan Quest 3 are in-friggin'-credible. Similar to nan Vision Pro, you tin "pin" your YouTube aliases Netflix model anyplace successful your virtual environment.

Woman utilizing Apple Vision Pro connected a bed

Credit: Apple

It's worthy noting, though, that you tin still watch YouTube and Netflix connected nan Vision Pro via a browser.

5. Price

Yeah, I know. This is an evident one, but it's still worthy pointing out. The Vision Pro has a starting value of $3,499. That is astir $4,000 — acold much than what astir of america salary successful rent.

The Apple taxation connected this headset is simply a difficult pill to swallow.

Meanwhile, nan Quest 3 starts astatine conscionable $499. That being said, if you're looking for an immersive gaming experience, drawback nan Quest 3. However, if you want a glitzy intermezo strategy that delivers multi-dimensional entree to each things Apple, Vision Pro is your champion bet.

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