14 British TV shows we're excited about in 2024

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A composite image shows various characters from British TV shows.

Credit: Mashable Composite; Netflix / Peacock / BBC

2023 was a awesome twelvemonth for British TV (and for TV successful general), but it looks for illustration 2024 is already shaping up well.

Not only do we person caller seasons of Heartstopper, We Are Lady Parts and Bridgerton to look guardant to, but location are besides caller royal dramas successful nan shape of Mary & George and The Regime. Plus, there's an adjustment of Holly Jackson's wildly celebrated book A Good Girl's Guide to Murder and a marque caller show from Peaky Blinders creator Steven Knight.

Without further ado, present are nan British TV shows we're astir excited astir successful 2024 — and if you're extracurricular nan UK, you mightiness request a VPN to spot immoderate of them earlier they deed Hulu, Max et al.

1. The Tourist, Season 2

A man runs down a state roadworthy pinch a car successful pursuit.

Jamie Dornan returns for different season. Credit: BBC/Two Brothers/Steffan Hill

The Tourist's first outing was an entertaining operation of acheronian comedy, thriller and Memento-style enigma successful nan Australian outback, pursuing a man (Jamie Dornan) who wakes up pinch amnesia aft a car mishap and has to title to observe who he is — each while group are (you guessed it!) trying to termination him. The six-episode BBC miniseries made for a twisty escapade pinch plentifulness of surprises, truthful it'll beryllium absorbing to spot wherever Harry and Jack Williams' show goes adjacent arsenic nan main characters recreation to Ireland to observe Dornan's character's roots.

Starring: Jamie Dornan, Danielle Macdonald, Olwen Fouéré, Diarmaid Murtagh, Nessa Matthews, Mark McKenna, Francis Magee, and Conor MacNeill.

How to watch: The Tourist is presently streaming connected BBC iPlayer successful nan UK.

2. Doctor Who

Doctor Who leans against nan power sheet of nan TARDIS.

The large one. Credit: Alistair Heap/Bad Wolf/BBC Studios

A caller bid of Doctor Who ever brings pinch it caller excitement, but it's astir apt adjacent to opportunity that Ncuti Gatwa's upcoming play — pursuing connected nan heels of a popular Christmas special — has to beryllium 1 of nan astir highly-anticipated successful a while. As Mashable's Chris Taylor pointed out, alternatively than being known arsenic Season 14, nan upcoming bid will beryllium Season 1 — a caller start.

"This is New, New Who, then: A very Gen Z reboot," Taylor wrote. "As older fans header pinch exploded brains and (potentially) seething anger, nan Doctor merrily shape-shifts erstwhile more, changing what we thought knew yet again. And nan show proves it has nan chops to past different 60 years. Because it ever takes america wherever we request to go."

Starring: Ncuti Gatwa, Millie Gibson, Yasmin Finney, Bonnie Langford, Jinkx Monsoon, Jonathan Groff, Indira Varma, Lenny Rush, Michelle Greenidge, Angela Wynter, Anita Dobson, Jemma Redgrave, Alexander Devrient, and Aneurin Barnard.

How to watch: The caller play of Doctor Who will beryllium streaming connected BBC iPlayer successful May 2024.

3. A Good Girl's Guide to Murder

A group of teens guidelines successful beforehand of an aged ceramic wall.

Holly Jackson's YA thriller is coming to nan screen. Credit: BBC/Moonage Pictures/Joss Barratt

Based connected nan first caller successful Holly Jackson's wildly celebrated YA thriller series, A Good Girl's Guide to Murder follows teenage student Pip (Wednesday prima Emma Myers) arsenic she digs into a five-year-old execution lawsuit — and tries to beryllium that nan personification blamed wasn't really nan 1 responsible. This crime enigma is apt to get a batch of attraction from nan book's immense fanbase alone.

Starring: Emma Myers, Zain Iqbal, Yali Topol Margalith, Asha Banks, Jude Collie, Raiko Gohara, Anna Maxwell Martin, Gary Beadle, Mathew Baynton, Henry Ashton, Mitu Panicucci, India Lillie Davies, Rahul Pattni, Orla Hill, Ephraim O.P. Sampson, Carla Woodcock, Yasmin Al-Khudhairi, Jessica Webber, Matthew Khan, Georgia Aaron, Adam Astill, Jackson Bews, Oliver Wickham, Annabel Mullion, and Adam Astill.

How to watch: A Good Girl's Guide to Murder will beryllium streaming connected BBC iPlayer successful nan UK, merchandise day TBC.

4. Heartstopper, Season 3

Two teens spell to buss astatine a prom.

What will hap adjacent for Tao and Elle? Credit: Netflix / Samuel Dore

Netflix's adjustment of Alice Oseman's beloved schematic caller Heartstopper will return for a 3rd play this year, reuniting you pinch Charlie and Nick and their delightful pack of pals. They decided to make it charismatic astatine nan extremity of Season 1 and dabbled pinch saying "love" retired large successful Season 2. Meanwhile, Tao and Elle yet figured retired their feelings, Isaac recovered a sanction for his ain sexuality, while Darcy's turbulent location life boiled over. Filming has wrapped for Season 3, pinch the first section titled "Love." As acold arsenic characters go, the toxic Ben (Sebastian Croft) won't beryllium back, but Oseman announced schematic caller characteristic Michael Holden (Darragh Hand) will subordinate nan story. Can't bloody wait. — Shannon Connellan, UK Editor

Starring: Kit Connor, Joe Locke, Yasmin Finney, William Gao, Corinna Brown, Kizzy Edgell, Tobie Donovan, Jenny Walser, and Rhea Norwood.

How to watch: Heartstopper Season 3 will beryllium streaming connected Netflix, day TBC.

5. We Are Lady Parts, Season 2

A group of young Muslim women airs for nan camera.

They're baaaaack. Credit: Channel 4

It's been a while since Nida Manzoor's drama astir an all-female Muslim punk bad made a scatter pinch its first season, but fans will beryllium pleased to perceive that it won't beryllium agelong earlier Saira (Sarah Kameela Impey), Ayesha (Juliette Motamed), Bisma (Faith Omole), Momtaz (Lucie Shorthouse) and Amina (Anjana Vasan) are backmost connected our screens.

"The main critique for We Are Lady Parts remains that it is excessively short," wrote Mashable's Proma Khosla astir Season 1. "I want 8 episodes, aliases 10, aliases 50. Finishing nan first play feels a batch for illustration performing a shape gig; you won't retrieve each item but you'll retrieve nan feeling, a unreserved of joyousness and adrenaline that you were grateful to stock pinch this motley, magnificent crew."

Starring: Sarah Kameela Impey, Juliette Motamed, Faith Omole, Lucie Shorthouse, and Anjana Vasan.

How to watch: We Are Lady Parts will beryllium streaming connected Channel 4 successful nan UK, past apt streaming connected Peacock successful nan U.S.

6. This Town

Four young group beryllium and airs successful a warehouse.

New Steven Knight show coming. Credit: BBC / Banijay Rights, Kudos / Robert Viglasky

Peaky Blinders creator Steven Knight is backmost pinch a caller show group astir Birmingham, UK — a six-part mini-series that trades 1900s gangs for nan early 1980s euphony segment while keeping nan tension, unit and family play that made Knight's earlier show specified a hit. We don't person excessively overmuch much info to spell connected astatine this stage, but nan communicative will apparently travel nan statement of a set "against a backdrop of violence." Sounds ominous.

Starring: Levi Brown, Jordan Bolger, Ben Rose, Eve Austin, Geraldine James, Peter McDonald, Freya Parks, Shyvonne Ahmmad, John Heffernan, Stefan Asante-Boateng, Séainín Brennan, George Somner, and Brendan Gibson.

How to watch: This Town is disposable connected BBC iPlayer from outpouring 2024.

7. Queenie

Two women beryllium opening presents successful a backmost garden.

Candice Carty-Williams' adjustment of her debut novel. Credit: Channel 4

Candice Carty-Williams has already had a large 2023 with her awesome BBC bid Champion, but this twelvemonth has moreover much connected nan horizon. The writer has adapted her celebrated 2020 debut caller Queenie arsenic a buzzy bid pinch Onyx Collective and Channel 4, pinch Dionne Brown successful nan lead arsenic nan eponymous protagonist. With Carty-Williams astatine nan helm arsenic showrunner and executive producer, nan bid revolves astir Queenie, a 25-year-old Jamaican-British journalist who's going done a break-up, navigating nan messiness of modern dating, and figuring retired really to support her occupation together, each while connecting pinch her family and incredibly tight group of friends.

Starring: Dionne Brown, Jon Pointing, Samuel Adewunmi, Bellah, Sally Phillips, Tilly Keeper, Elisha Applebaum, Mim Shaikh, Llewella Gideon, Michelle Greenidge, Cristale De’Abreu, Joseph Marcell, Joseph Ollman, Melissa Johns, and Laura Whitmore.

How to watch: Queenie will premiere successful 2024 connected Channel 4 successful nan UK and Ireland and will stream connected Hulu successful nan U.S., Star+ successful Latin America, and Disney+ successful each different territories.

8. The Responder, Season 2

A bull stands connected a thoroughfare successful nan nighttime arsenic a building burns down him.

Martin Freeman is backmost for different season. Credit: BBC/Dancing Ledge

The corrupt antics of Liverpool bull Chris Carson (a gritty Martin Freeman) successful The Responder's first outing made our database of the champion British TV shows of 2022, truthful we're looking guardant to seeing wherever Tony Schumacher's constabulary thriller goes next. Alongside Freeman, Adelayo Adedayo besides returns arsenic chap serviceman Rachel Hargreaves, this clip abstracted from Carson and trying to rebuild her life aft nan grim events of Season 1.

Starring: Martin Freeman, Adelayo Adedayo, Warren Brown, MyAnna Buring, Emily Fairn, Josh Finan, Philip S McGuinness, Faye McKeever, Mark Womack, Adam Nagaitis, Bernard Hill, and Ian Puleston-Davies.

How to watch: The Responder will beryllium streaming connected BBC iPlayer successful nan UK, day TBC.

9. The Gentlemen

A group guidelines nether umbrellas dressed successful achromatic astatine a funeral.

Guy Ritchie's movie has expanded into a series. Credit: Christopher Rafael/Netflix

Fans of Snatch, Lock, Stock and so nan 2019 movie The Gentlemen will want to support an oculus retired for writer/director Guy Ritchie's caller series, which takes that movie arsenic its starting constituent and weaves a caller communicative of weed empires and nan criminal underworld. The eight-episode spin-off follows Eddie Horniman (The White Lotus Season 2's Theo James), who realises his newly-inherited family property is really embroiled successful a supplier ringing tally by British gangsters. As this is simply a Guy Ritchie show it's astir apt safe to expect achromatic drama and explosive violence.

Starring: Theo James, Kaya Scodelario, Daniel Ings, Joely Richardson, Giancarlo Esposito, Peter Serafinowicz, and Vinnie Jones.

How to watch: The Gentlemen is streaming connected Netflix from March 2024.

10. One Day

Ambika Mod arsenic Emma & Leo Woodall arsenic Dexter

Ambika Mod and Leo Woodall arsenic Emma and Dexter. Credit: Teddy Cavendish/Netflix

Looking for immoderate romance to tide you complete this coming Valentine's Day? One Day, based connected David Nicholls's caller of nan aforesaid name, is present to capable that void. (You whitethorn retrieve nan 2011 movie adjustment pinch Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess.) The bid takes america done a decades-long emotion communicative betwixt students Emma and Dexter, who meet for nan very first clip nan nighttime of their graduation from university. Even though they spell their abstracted ways, nan adjacent years find them reconnecting successful unexpected places, pinch each section cataloging what they're doing connected nan aforesaid day each year. Could this beryllium 2024's Normal People?*

Starring: Ambika Mod, Leo Woodall, Essie Davis, Tim McInnerny, Amber Grappy, Jonny Weldon, Eleanor Tomlinson, Joely Richardson, and Toby Stephens.

How to watch: One Day is streaming connected Netflix from Feb. 8.

11. Bridgerton, Season 3

A female successful Regency costume sits successful thought by a window.

Penelope has a batch to deliberation astir this season. Credit: Laurence Cendrowicz/Netflix

Dearest gentle readers, it's precocious clip we reunite pinch nan Bridgerton family, wouldn't you agree? After nan swoon-worthy communicative of Queen Charlotte and King George, Netflix's juggernaut Bridgerton returns to its roots for a 3rd season, this clip focusing connected nan romance betwixt Penelope Featherington (who is secretly rumors maven Lady Whistledown) and Colin Bridgerton. For nan first clip successful Bridgerton history, Netflix will merchandise nan bid successful 2 parts — truthful beryllium judge to clip your binge viewing accordingly!*

Starring: Nicola Coughlan, Luke Newton, Claudia Jessie, Luke Thompson, Golda Rosheuvel, Adjoa Andoh, Ruth Gemmell, Lorraine Ashbourne, Hannah Dodd, Simone Ashley, Jonathan Bailey, Harriet Cains, Bessie Carter, Jessica Madsen, Florence Hunt, Martins Imhangbe, Will Tilston, Polly Walker, and Julie Andrews.

How to watch: The first 4 episodes of Bridgerton Season 3 premiere May 16 connected Netflix, and nan past 4 connected June 13.

12. Mary & George

A man and female successful regal dress guidelines successful a garden.

Julianne Moore arsenic real-life humanities fig Mary Villers. Credit: Sky

Royal court-based treachery is ever fun, isn't it? Sounding for illustration a fusion of Game of Thrones and The Crown, Mary & George stars Julianne Moore arsenic real-life humanities fig Mary Villers, who teamed up pinch her ain boy George (Nicholas Galitzine) to strategy her measurement up nan ranks of nobility. As pinch many humanities dramas we whitethorn request to return this one's accuracy pinch a pinch of salt, but it surely looks like an entertaining, Bridgerton-style romp.

Starring: Julianne Moore, Nicholas Galitzine, Tony Curran, Nicola Walker, Niamh Algar, Trine Dyrholm, Sean Gilder, Adrian Rawlins, Mark O’Halloran, Laurie Davidson, Samuel Blenkin, Jacob McCarthy, Tom Victor, Alice Grant, Amelia Gething, Mirren Mack, Rina Mahoney, and Simon Russell Beale.

How to watch: Mary & George premiere's connected Sky and NOW TV successful March 2024, and Starz successful nan U.S.

13. The Regime

A female sits astatine a table successful an opulent room.

Kate Winslet dominates a governmental satire this time. Credit: Miya Mizuno/HBO

Loved nan Kate Winslet-led HBO constricted bid Mare of Easttown? Then brace yourself for The Regime, another Kate Winslet-led HBO constricted bid — albeit 1 pinch a very different vibe. A governmental satire done and through, nan show charts nan unraveling of a modern European authorities complete nan people of 1 year. The chancellor of said regime? None different than Winslet, who spends The Regime's first teaser alternating betwixt delivering ice-cold threats to overseas dignitaries and having a breakdown successful nan woods.*

Starring: Kate Winslet, Matthias Schoenaerts, Guillaume Gallienne, Andrea Riseborough, Martha Plimpton, Hugh Grant, Danny Webb, David Bamber, Henry Goodman, Stanley Townsend, Louie Mynett, Rory Keenan, Karl Markovics, and Pippa Haywood.

How to watch: The Regime is streaming March 3 astatine 9 p.m. ET connected HBO and Max successful nan U.S., and will stream connected on Sky Atlantic and NOW successful 2024, dates TBC.

14. How to Get to Heaven From Belfast

If you've seen nan awesome Derry Girls, you'll cognize that immoderate caller show from Lisa McGee is simply a origin for celebration. How to Get to Heaven From Belfast follows 3 aged schoolhouse friends, now successful their thirties, who get pulled into a unusual enigma aft attending nan aftermath of a puerility classmate. Described successful nan property merchandise arsenic "Not truthful overmuch a ‘whodunit’ arsenic a ‘what nan hellhole happened,'" this 1 sounds for illustration it'll beryllium arsenic overmuch of a thriller arsenic a comedy. We don't yet cognize thing astir nan formed aliases erstwhile it'll beryllium on, but we're keeping this 1 firmly connected our radars.

Starring: Yet to beryllium announced.

How to watch: How to Get to Heaven From Belfast is streaming connected Channel 4 successful 2024, nonstop day TBC.

*This blurb has appeared connected a erstwhile Mashable list.

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