The best time to buy a TV: A guide to the times of year that you'll find the best TV deals

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Whether you want a bigger screen, amended streaming aliases gaming quality, aliases conscionable nan cheapest decent option, there's a measurement to shop strategically. Credit: Ian Moore / Mashable

Poking astir for TVs connected waste connected immoderate fixed time of nan twelvemonth is each but guaranteed to move up astatine slightest some results. (We would know. We way TV deals weekly.)

Of course, retailers don't casually connection their champion TV prices of nan twelvemonth each nan time. The magnitude of TV deals whitethorn beryllium bigger aliases smaller depending connected erstwhile you're shopping, and if you do spot a discount, patience and a almanac cheque could render you much savings down nan road.

What clip of twelvemonth do TV prices drop?

Times pinch an "s" would beryllium a much meticulous question, because you're not screwed if you don't person nan clip aliases nan fund to scope retired a caller TV connected Black Friday (though that is 1 of nan champion times to shop). Aside from Black Friday, nan NFL playoffs and outpouring are 2 different times that you'll find nan astir TVs connected waste astatine lower-than-usual waste prices, including premium flagship models that don't get overmuch action otherwise. Let's break down your options.

Time #1 to find nan champion TV deals: Black Friday

Month: Late October, November, and early to mid-December

People whitethorn not beryllium throwing down successful a Best Buy astatine nan ace of dawn for illustration they utilized to, but Black Friday TV deals are still unmatched — they're conscionable not astir arsenic fleeting.

Black Friday is trending toward a month-or-more-long matter astatine this point, pinch retailers shifting into Black Friday mode online arsenic early arsenic October. The extended clip framework raises nan mobility of whether TV waste prices will driblet moreover further person to Black Friday. Thankfully, astir of nan large retailers aren't trying to instrumentality you — in fact, Best Buy and Samsung will straight-up tag a definite woody arsenic a Black Friday woody if they driblet it up of time, confirming to buyers that there's nary request to clasp retired until nan week of Thanksgiving.

This is an particularly clutch clip for fund shoppers looking for nan cheapest imaginable type of a 4K TV astatine a definite size. During Black Friday, basal budget-friendly 4K TVs are typically nan doorbusters that waste retired soon aft they driblet — and are overmuch little apt to return successful nan adjacent fewer months. While premium QLED and OLED TVs will decidedly besides beryllium connected sale, galore of those deals thin to instrumentality astir for a fewer months successful nan caller year, and mightiness driblet moreover further successful value erstwhile shot deals start.

Roku TV hanging connected wall beside support pinch furnishings successful foreground

Walmart's $148 50-inch onn. 4K Roku TV sold retired quickly during Black Friday. Credit: Roku

Post-holiday income and New Year income are perfectly a thing, but you tin beryllium assured that astir TV prices are mostly amended earlier Christmas than after. We've seen firsthand really waste prices connected TVs subtly spell up by $100 aliases 2 (or three) during income aft nan vacation compared to their Black Friday and pre-holiday prices. Of nan TV deals that up and down aft nan caller year, you tin expect their Black Friday prices (or a value amended than Black Friday) to popular up during nan adjacent large clip to shop — NFL playoff season.

Time #2 to find nan champion TV deals: NFL playoff season

Month: Mid-January to early February

The group want to know: Are TVs cheaper aft nan holidays? The reply is technically yes, but not successful nan "after-Christmas income slash New Year's sales" measurement that you're thinking. If you didn't snag your TV during Black Friday, your adjacent champion stake is to wait successful nan wings until nan extremity of January for football-fueled deals, which footwear disconnected adjacent nan commencement of nan NFL playoffs (sometime successful mid to precocious January) and past until nan large crippled (some successful early to mid-February).

The month-long lead-up to nan biggest shot crippled of nan twelvemonth — 1 of nan most-watched sporting events of nan twelvemonth — is premier clip to find a TV connected sale. In particular, these deals whitethorn attraction much connected TVs that are bully for watching sports: i.e., big-screen QLEDs. The vibrant lighting supplied by a QLED sheet is perfect for pursuing mini specifications for illustration a shot aliases mini people box, arsenic good arsenic nan brightness of nan team's colors and nan section to make your acquisition consciousness arsenic unrecorded and in-person arsenic possible. It's not uncommon for astir of these deals to beryllium identical to what we saw during Black Friday, aliases successful immoderate cases, driblet moreover little successful value owed to proximity to CES. (See mentation below.)

There is 1 group of TVs that still whitethorn not beryllium seeing their lowest imaginable waste value during shot sales: If you're eyeing 1 of nan astir premium, astir caller models from a definite marque and still aren't seeing a discount of much than $100 aliases two, you mightiness see pumping nan breaks until spring.

Time #3 to find nan champion TV deals: Spring

Month: March and April

Flagship TVs from large brands don't spell connected waste that often (we typically spot much woody action happening pinch their mid-tier and base-tier counterparts). When nan deals do hap connected these costly models, nan discount whitethorn hardly moreover beryllium large capable to consciousness for illustration a deal. ($200 disconnected a $2,000 TV? Wow, you shouldn't have.)

Until CES happens, that is. CES is simply a Las Vegas-based tech waste and acquisition show wherever nan latest and top user tech is unveiled to gadget enthusiasts successful nan manufacture up of merchandise to nan public. The yearly TV merchandise rhythm mostly revolves astir CES, arsenic it's wherever brands for illustration Samsung, LG, TCL, and Hisense show disconnected their caller TV designs for nan year. While these caller releases aren't nan ones going connected sale, TV deal shoppers should attraction astir those caller TVs because they unit past year's TV models to spell connected sale.

Mashable Deals

The cardinal present is that nan champion deals commencement not erstwhile nan TVs are announced astatine nan arena successful January, but erstwhile they're officially up for grabs to nan nationalist successful nan spring. In 2024, we'll beryllium connected nan lookout for premium stragglers (the LG C3 and G3 OLEDs aliases nan latest type of Samsung's The Frame, for example) that person been astatine a plateaued value for months to yet spot a caller noteworthy discount during post-CES sales.

LG C3 TV pinch lava lamp screensaver sitting connected TV guidelines pinch lamp successful corner

Now that LG has announced nan M4 OLED, nan celebrated LG C3 OLED should get person a much aggravated discount. Credit: Leah Stodart / Mashable

The 1 outlier present is Sony, which has been sitting CES retired for nan past fewer years successful favour of its ain merchandise schedule — a very Apple and iRobot-coded tactic. In 2023, Sony announced its new statement of TVs for nan year successful March (the period that astir competitors statesman shipping nan TVs they announced astatine CES 2 months prior) and began shipping those caller TVs successful nan fall. With this logic, you could only presume that Sony's TVs from nan erstwhile twelvemonth will beryllium seeing their champion discounts successful nan fall, which could coincide pinch early Black Friday deals.

Honorable mention: Prime Day(s)

Amazon is typically beautiful debased connected nan database of champion places to bargain a TV. While it does waste astir of nan aforesaid brands of TVs arsenic competing retailers do, its waste prices are much volatile and often plagued by inflated original prices that make discounts look much aggravated than they are. (Pro tip: You tin get a bully thought of what an actually-good waste value scope for immoderate TV astatine Amazon by pasting nan listing URL into Camelcamelcamel, a free Amazon value search site.)

However, Amazon stands retired arsenic a TV destination during nan shopping holidays it made up for itself: Prime Day and Prime Big Deal Days (basically a 2nd Prime Day). These events usually hap successful July and October, respectively.

Naturally, Fire TVs are nan focal constituent during Prime events, and these deals spell difficult — hard arsenic successful a 43-inch Amazon Omni 4K Fire TV for $99.99 for Prime Day 2023 and a 50-inch Hisense QLED TV for $149.99 for Prime Big Deal Days 2023. (These are chaotic surface size to value ratios that tin only beryllium rivaled by akin Walmart doorbusters connected its TV brand, onn.) Both of those jaw-dropping deals were invite-only deals that you person to petition to unlock, but it's still a first come, first served business that would beryllium nan lawsuit pinch immoderate doorbuster deal. Interestingly enough, Amazon's Black Friday invite-only deals for 2023 didn't see a TV.

Speaking of different retailers, Amazon Prime events besides trigger competing income astatine Walmart, Best Buy, and Target. Unless Fire TV is already your comfortableness streaming platform, your champion stake for uncovering TV deals during July and October Prime events is still to peep nan wider assortment of TV deals astatine Amazon's competitors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Any TV bought marque caller since nan precocious 2010s is almost guaranteed to beryllium a smart TV, and smart TVs are truthful solidly nan norm now that you'd astir apt only beryllium capable to find 1 astatine a gait waste aliases connected eBay.

Have a trusty older exemplary that's still kicking? You tin move a normal TV into a smart TV by buying an outer streaming instrumentality for illustration an Amazon Fire TV Stick aliases Roku player. These WiFi-enabled devices plug into a TV's HDMI larboard and supply a makeshift smart TV level to entree streaming apps erstwhile nan TV's input action is that HDMI port.

All 3 mention to a TV's lighting business down nan screen, which effects things for illustration really agleam nan TV gets, really good HDR support is utilized, really contrasted shadows are and really legible acheronian contented is, and really rich | colors are. The tech you'll for illustration nan champion depends connected nan type of contented and lighting of nan room successful which you'll beryllium utilizing nan TV nan most. Here's a speedy TV lighting guide:

LED (light-emitting diode) is nan baseline. Despite their wide affordability crossed nan board, 1 LED TV tin hit different retired by incorporating full-array section dimming: a postulation of lighting zones that set independently crossed nan full screen. Without those important in-between zones, nan mediate of nan surface of galore cheaper LED TVs tin get a small hazy, falling unfortunate to edge-lit dimming that conscionable can't widen ray crossed pinch nan aforesaid oomph.

QLED is simply a sparkling rotation connected accepted LED. The "Q" refers to nan an other furniture of quantum dots sandwiched betwixt nan modular LED sheet and nan surface to make a wider scope of colors popular disconnected nan surface pinch enhanced brightness. The juicier image is perfect for viewing aliases gaming successful agleam rooms and for honing successful connected contented pinch mini details, for illustration sports.

Not each marque refers to their quantum dot TVs arsenic QLED. While Samsung and TCL mention to QLED arsenic QLED, brands for illustration LG, Sony and Hisense usage akin exertion marketed nether different names (QNED, Triluminos Pro, and ULED, respectively).

Mini LEDs person besides entered nan chat successful caller years. These are astir half nan size of regular LEDs, let manufacturers to battalion much LEDs into nan aforesaid size panel, allowing for much section dimming zones and much precise tweaking of brightness successful each area.

OLED is its ain thing, contempt nan negligible quality successful nan title letters itself. Unlike LED and QLED, OLED doesn't require an outer backlight. That's because nan pixels — nan organic light-emitting diodes that correspond nan "O" successful OLED — emit their ain ray instead. This comes successful useful during acheronian scenes, erstwhile nan TV surface needs to get arsenic acheronian arsenic imaginable to differentiate shadowy shades from each other. While backlit QLED pixels' forced dimming tin origin a benignant of halo effect astir agleam objects, OLED pixels tin move disconnected completely. This makes OLED nan golden modular for nan stark opposition and achromatic uniformity needed for viewing aliases gaming successful acheronian rooms.

Also dissimilar QLEDs, OLED TVs are nan slightest apt to travel successful budget-friendly options.

LED, QLED, and OLED person thing to do pinch nan screen's solution (that's what HD, 4K, and 8K are for). This intends that nan frequently-asked question, whether 4K aliases QLED is better, isn't really a mobility astatine all, because nan 2 aren't mutually exclusive. In fact, astir each QLED TV is 4K (with immoderate 8K options radiated in, but 8K is overkill for astir immoderate family business correct now). While immoderate rendition of -LED refers to nan ray root down nan TV, 4K refers to nan screen's resolution, aliases really galore pixels are squeezed crossed nan surface horizontally (4,000-ish).

Some 32-inch and 40-inch 4K TVs do exist, but 43 inches is nan smallest that astir 4K TVs tally — and because 4K is nan marketplace modular now (over HD), astir 43-inch TVs astatine immoderate value constituent are going to beryllium 4K anyway.

43 inches is besides nan smallest size wherever 4K (3840 x 2160 pixels) is moreover worthwhile successful a TV. While a 15-inch 4K laptop surface makes consciousness because you're looking astatine it from conscionable a ft aliases 2 away, you're improbable to announcement nan solution benefits of 4K connected a surface smaller than 43 inches erstwhile you're sitting respective feet away. Once you get past 40 inches, nan TV is ample capable to really showcase nan crisp specifications that 4K provides, making mini specifications for illustration a shot people aliases subtitles much legible, particularly if you're watching from respective feet away.

Leah Stodart

Leah Stodart is simply a Philadelphia-based Senior Shopping Reporter astatine Mashable wherever she covers basal location tech for illustration vacuums and TVs arsenic good arsenic sustainable swaps and travel. Her ever-growing acquisition successful these categories comes successful clutch erstwhile making recommendations connected really to walk your money during shopping holidays for illustration Black Friday, which Leah has been covering for Mashable since 2017.

Leah graduated from Penn State University successful 2016 pinch dual degrees successful Sociology and Media Studies. When she's not penning astir shopping (or shopping online for herself), she's almost decidedly watching a scary movie, "RuPaul's Drag Race," aliases "The Office." You tin travel her connected X astatine @notleah aliases email her astatine [email protected].

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