NYT Connections today: See hints and answers for February 6

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Connections is nan latest New York Times word game that's captured nan public's attention. The crippled is each astir uncovering nan "common threads betwixt words." And conscionable for illustration Wordle, Connections resets aft midnight and each caller group of words gets trickier and trickier—so we've served up immoderate hints and tips to get you complete nan hurdle.

If you conscionable want to beryllium told today's puzzle, you tin jump to nan extremity of this article for February 6's Connections solution. But if you'd alternatively lick it yourself, support reference for immoderate clues, tips, and strategies to assistance you.

What is Connections?

The NYT's latest regular connection crippled has go a societal media hit. The Times credits subordinate puzzle editor Wyna Liu pinch helping to create nan caller connection crippled and bringing it to nan publications' Games section. Connections tin beryllium played connected some web browsers and mobile devices and require players to group 4 words that stock thing successful common.

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Each puzzle features 16 words and each grouping of words is divided into 4 categories. These sets could comprise of thing from book titles, software, state names, etc. Even though aggregate words will look for illustration they fresh together, there's only 1 correct answer. If a subordinate gets each 4 words successful a group correct, those words are removed from nan board. Guess incorrect and it counts arsenic a mistake—players get up to 4 mistakes until nan crippled ends.

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Players tin besides rearrange and shuffle nan committee to make spotting connections easier. Additionally, each group is color-coded pinch yellowish being nan easiest, followed by green, blue, and purple. Like Wordle, you tin stock nan results pinch your friends connected societal media.

Here's a hint for today's Connections categories

Want a deed astir nan categories without being told nan categories? Then springiness these a try:

  • Yellow: Very aggravated outfits

  • Green: Fart slang

  • Blue: Shades of blond

  • Purple: Types of O's

Here are today's Connections categories

Need a small other help? Today's connections autumn into nan pursuing categories:

  • Yellow: Ostentatious, As An Outfit

  • Green: Euphemisms For Flatulence

  • Blue: Kinds of Blond

  • Purple: What "O" Might Mean

Looking for Wordle today? Here's nan reply to today's Wordle.

Ready for nan answers? This is your past chance to move backmost and lick today's puzzle earlier we uncover nan solutions.

Drumroll, please!

The solution to Connections #240 is...

What is nan reply to Connections today

  • Ostentatious, As An Outfit: BRIGHT, FLASHY, GARISH, LOUD

  • Euphemisms For Flatulence: GAS, STINKER, TOOT, WIND


  • What "O" Might Mean: HUG, OF, OXYGEN, ZERO

Don't consciousness down if you didn't negociate to conjecture it this time. There will beryllium caller Connections for you to agelong your encephalon pinch tomorrow, and we'll beryllium backmost again to guideline you pinch much adjuvant hints.

Is this not nan Connections crippled you were looking for? Here are nan hints and answers to yesterday's Connections.

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