How to watch 'Mr. & Mrs. Smith' for free (or at least for cheap)

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All 8 episodes are disposable for your binge-watching pleasure.

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Donald Glover and Maya Erskine successful "Mr. & Mrs. Smith"

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The Smiths are backmost — only they're wholly different characters pinch a wholly different storyline. Actually, nan only point they person successful communal pinch nan 2005 movie is their names.

Created by Atlanta's Francesca Sloane and Donald Glover, Mr. & Mrs. Smith — 1 of our most anticipated shows of 2024 — is now disposable to watercourse connected Prime Video. Here's everything you request to know.

Is Mr. & Mrs. Smith a remake?

As intermezo newsman Belen Edwards writes successful her review of Mr. & Mrs. Smith, nan caller bid is "more of a delightful reinvention than a old remake." The movie was centered astir a brace of joined assassins — played by Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie — oblivious to nan truth that they're moving for opposing spy operations. The show, however, introduces 2 strangers — played by Glover and Maya Erskine — who are thrown into a clone matrimony arsenic a screen for concealed missions. It wholly flips nan full premise of nan movie connected its caput and offers thing fresh. Erskine moreover remarked successful an interview, "I consciousness for illustration this show could beryllium called thing and it would still beryllium its ain show."

What is Mr. & Mrs. Smith about?

Two strangers work together to a clone matrimony arsenic a screen for their jobs pinch a mysterious intelligence company. They relocate to a lavish Manhattan brownstone pinch their caller identities, John (Glover) and Jane (Erskine), and are tasked pinch play high-risk missions. The attraction of nan show, however, isn't conscionable connected nan missions themselves, but besides connected John and Jane's connection. "The show frames each ngo arsenic a narration milestone, toggling betwixt rom-com and spy thriller astatine a moment's notice," Edwards notes successful her review.

"With Glover and Erskine arsenic awesome arsenic they are, and pinch a communicative that's wonderfully self-assured successful its ain personality extracurricular of nan 2005 film, Mr. & Mrs. Smith makes for a darkly funny treat," she adds.

Read Mashable's afloat reappraisal of Mr. & Mrs. Smith.

Here's nan official trailer, if you'd for illustration a sneak peek astatine nan reimagined series:

What streaming work is Mr. & Mrs. Smith on?

Mr. & Mrs. Smith is simply a Prime Video original, which intends you'll request an Amazon Prime aliases Prime Video subscription successful bid to tune in. Already a Prime subscriber? You're bully to go; conscionable motion into your relationship connected your browser and navigate to Prime Video aliases download nan Prime Video app and motion successful utilizing your Prime login specifications to watch.

Not yet a Prime subscriber? We've rounded up nan champion ways to motion up, save, and watch Mr. & Mrs. Smith below.

When do caller episodes of Mr. & Mrs. Smith air?

While different Prime Video bid merchandise episodes weekly, Mr. & Mrs. Smith is pursuing nan Netflix format and dropping each of nan episodes astatine once. The full eight-episode bid will beryllium disposable to watercourse connected Prime Video connected Friday, Feb. 2. That intends you could binge-watch it each this play if you wanted. That's besides awesome news for those looking to watch for free (more connected that below).

Can I watch Mr. & Mrs. Smith connected Prime Video for free?

Good news: if you're wholly caller to Amazon Prime aliases you're returning aft canceling aliases pausing a erstwhile subscription, you tin people a free trial. If you don't autumn into that category, you tin still people a discounted subscription if you're a student aliases take to subscribe to Prime Video connected its ain (not a afloat Amazon Prime subscription). Scroll for much details.

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Best for newbies: Amazon Prime free trial

As nan mostly of free tests are disappearing, Amazon still holds beardown pinch its 30-day Prime rank trial. There's conscionable 1 catch: you person to beryllium a wholly caller customer aliases returning aft a twelvemonth aliases more. If you fresh into 1 of these categories, you tin declare your 30 days for free and watercourse each section of Mr. & Mrs. Smith successful that clip frame. If you want to debar charges ($14.99 per month), beryllium judge to cancel earlier your proceedings ends.

Best for students: Prime Student

Students tin nab a free six-month proceedings via Prime Student, which gives you entree to Prime Video and each of nan different perks of Prime. You'll conscionable person to beryllium you're an existent student via SheerID to unafraid nan deal. Once nan proceedings ends, you'll person to salary $69 per twelvemonth — that's half nan costs of a accustomed Prime membership — to support your subscription going.

Best for everyone else: Prime Video only

Unfortunately, if you don't suffice for either of nan options above, you astir apt can't watch Mr. & Mrs. Smith for free. However, you tin still prevention immoderate money by opting to subscribe to Prime Video connected its ain (rather than a afloat Prime account). A regular Prime rank would tally you $14.99 per month, but Prime Video connected its ain is conscionable $8.99 per month. Sure, it's not arsenic bully arsenic free, but you'll prevention $6 per period — and that's capable to salary for a complete different streaming service.

Amazon, of course, makes signing up for Prime Video only a spot tricky. When you spell to motion up for a subscription, beryllium judge to prime "change plan" aliases "more plans" to spot your different options. And beryllium judge to cancel earlier nan period is up if you want to debar charges nan pursuing month.

Frequently Asked Questions

While Prime members do get entree to Prime Video included pinch their subscription, it's not nan only measurement to entree nan streaming service. You tin besides subscribe to Prime Video arsenic a abstracted standalone streaming work for $8.99 per month. You won't get nan different Prime perks, though — just entree to nan room connected Prime Video.

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