Google Photos: New feature may feed your friends weekly updates

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Finally, a measurement to blast photos of your play lunches astatine each your friends and family.

Android Authority recovered immoderate codification successful nan Google Photos APK that references an unreleased characteristic called "My Week." The matter successful nan codification implies that My Week is simply a characteristic that will information up and automatically nonstop photos you return to friends of your choosing connected a play basis.

It seems to beryllium an description of nan already existing "Memories" feature, which turns your photos into a customizable timeline that you tin nonstop to group individually.

The quality here, of course, would beryllium that My Week would do this connected a regular basis. The matter successful nan codification besides suggests you tin take not only who gets your pictures, but what pictures get sent, which is crucial. You don't want your grandparents getting every photo you take, aft all.

As agelong arsenic this is thing you opt into, this seems fine. It could easy go a creepy nuisance if it's turned connected by default, but judging by nan matter Android Authority uncovered, that astir apt isn't nan case. As always, this characteristic whitethorn ne'er moreover spot nan ray of day.

But if it does, beryllium very observant astir what you nonstop retired to people.

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