Everything you need to know about 'True Detective: Night Country' (so far)

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What's pinch nan spirals? How does nan corpsicle work? What's nan relationship to Season 1? Let's goooo.

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Two detectives guidelines successful a ringing of evidence.

Credit: Michele K. Short/HBO

Are you watching True Detective: Night Country and person a lot of questions? You're successful good, obsessive institution if you're scanning for clues for illustration we are.

In nan depths of this cold, acold winter, Mashable has been spending "the agelong night" yarn-walling it, speaking to nan folks down the HBO show, and watching nan bid framework by framework truthful you don't miss a spiral, polar bear, John Carpenter reference, aliases confirmed instrumentality theory.

In nan 4th play of nan HBO series, this clip helmed by showrunner Issa López, constabulary Chief Liz Danvers (Jodie Foster) and authorities trooper Evangeline Navarro (Kali Reis) person 1 hellhole of a chilling investigation connected their hands — and each week, we're digging into it too.

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True Detective airs Sunday nights connected HBO/Max astatine 9 p.m ET/PT.

A achromatic and achromatic image of a personification pinch a agelong braid and heavy framed glasses.

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