'Dune: Part Two' demand crashes AMC's website and app

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woman stepping by a motion for dune 2

Good luck getting tickets to spot nan 2nd installment of "Dune." Credit: Simon Shin/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

Dune: Part Two seems for illustration it is going to beryllium a deed astatine nan container office. Tickets for nan movie — which doesn't driblet until March 1 — went connected waste Friday and seemed to clang nan AMC website and origin problems elsewhere, arsenic well.

Down Detector noted that users had indicated AMC's website was having issues. Anecdotally, nan app didn't look to beryllium immoderate better.

down detector page showing a emergence successful issues pinch amc's website

Down Detector showed a crisp emergence successful issues pinch AMC's website. Credit: Screenshot: Down Detector

Users reported getting an correction connection erstwhile they tried to get tickets to nan highly anticipated film. Lots of group posted complaints astir nan problem online.

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There did look to beryllium a emergence successful issues pinch Fandango arsenic well, though Down Detector showed it wasn't astir arsenic severe. (In fact, it didn't registry arsenic an outage.) And that could person thing to do pinch nan truth that nan bug was disproportionately affecting AMC A-list members who were signed into their AMC accounts connected nan website and nan app.

It didn't look for illustration nan problem had been afloat resolved by astir 3:30 p.m. ET Friday. Hopefully, fans will soon beryllium capable to get their tickets. Until then, they're apt stuck refreshing and hoping.

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