Brie Larson gently mocks Jimmy Kimmel's egg cooking technique

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With Brie Larson playing a chemist-turned-cook connected Lessons successful Chemistry, and Jimmy Kimmel being an obsessive amateur chef, nan speech supra was ever apt to move to food.

But past Kimmel starts talking astir eggs, and things return a turn. "I want to know, erstwhile I make scrambled eggs, what is nan nonstop champion measurement to make nan scrambled eggs," Kimmel starts. "And I do it very specifically: I will ace nan eggs, I will put beverage successful there, I put brackish successful there, I blend it, past it has to beryllium 20 minutes astatine slightest earlier I put it into nan cookware pinch nan butter. And past I don't touch it; I conscionable hardly move it successful nan frying pan."

Larson's reaction? " sounds nice? I thought we were successful a spot and now I'm not judge if we are."

Later Kimmel returns to nan eggs, asking Larson to "think astir my eggs method" arsenic he's saying goodbye to her.

"I will, I will — possibly not successful nan ways you want maine to, but I will," Larson replies. "Next clip I time off my eggs sitting for 20 minutes I'll deliberation of you."

If you are still reasoning astir eggs, though, we've ranked nan champion cooking methods here. Just make judge you don't aerial fry them.

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