Best Buy has Apple's iPad Air on sale for a record-low price, beating its Black Friday deal by $50

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Save conscionable nether $150 up of nan tablet line's rumored update successful spring.

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The existent Apple iPad Air comes successful 5 colors: blue, abstraction gray, pink, purple (pictured), and starlight. Credit: Apple

SAVE 25%: Normally $599, nan Apple iPad Air (WiFi, 64GB) is connected waste for $449.99 astatine Best Buy arsenic of Jan. 29 — a $149.01 savings and its lowest value ever.

Apple's iPad Air is reportedly poised for a outpouring hardware refresh involving nan M3 spot and a 2nd larger size, according to Bloomberg's Mark Gurman. Needless to say, those willing successful upgrading should simply bide their clip until it drops (supposedly successful March). But if you're bully pinch forgoing next-gen specs successful favour of a awesome deal, caput to Best Buy successful nan contiguous future.

As of Jan. 29, nan electronics shop has nan entry-level configuration of nan existent iPad Air marked down to conscionable $449.99. (Meanwhile, it's wholly sold retired connected Amazon.) That's 25% disconnected its $599 MSRP — a savings of conscionable nether $150 — and its lowest value to date, trouncing its Black Friday 2023 deal by $50.

A 2022 release, this fifth-gen iPad Air is simply a lightweight tablet featuring Apple's M1 chip, a 10.9-inch Retina display, a 12MP rear camera that tin seizure 4K video, and a 12MP Ultra Wide beforehand camera pinch Center Stage support; nan guidelines exemplary comes pinch 64GB of retention and nary cellular connectivity.

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Mashable's Stan Schroder said it's "elegant, powerful, and versatile capable for some casual users and professionals," and noted that it sports "all nan cardinal features of nan 11-inch iPad Pro." We wish it started pinch a spot much storage, but overall, it's bully capable to nab a Mashable's Choice Award and a spot connected our database of nan best tablets.

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