Apple Vision Pro is now available for purchase

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Apple's first-ever spatial machine is here.

Some 8 months aft it was originally announced astatine WWDC, and aft a two-week pre-order period, Apple's Vision Pro has finally launched.

Apple CEO Tim Cook called nan Vision Pro nan "most precocious user physics instrumentality ever created," and first reviews praised nan tech, though it remains uncertain whether paying nan steep introduction value of $3,499 is worthy it correct now.

The institution announced connected Thursday that nan Vision Pro will motorboat pinch 600 caller apps built exclusively for nan device, but users will person entree to much than 1 cardinal compatible iOS and iPadOS apps.

Even if you're fresh to dive in, you won't beryllium capable to get it correct distant arsenic it was fundamentally sold retired successful nan first mates of days aft pre-orders went live. The customers who pre-ordered early, however, should commencement receiving their units soon.

Apple Vision Pro

Apple's homepage has been taken complete by Vision Pro. Credit: Apple

Users who aren't fresh to crockery retired each that money now tin besides book a free demo astatine their section Apple Store.

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