Apple Vision Pro has an app that can help manage anxiety

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Inspired by ancient meditation techniques, nan caller app offers immersive mindfulness.

You tin now usage Apple Vision Pro to thief negociate your anxiety.

The Lungy: Spaces app utilizes nan features of what Apple calls “spatial computing” to create bespoke interactive breathing exercises and sound-based, progressive meditation.

Inspired by ancient meditation practices for illustration Tibetan singing bowls, nan app lets users interact pinch virtual instruments to create their ain relaxing soundscapes. This immersive 3D situation uses RealityKit, Spatial Audio, and manus gestures, and each personification tin modulate nan app’s immersion levels based connected their ain preferences.

Lungy: Spaces was developed by wellness tech institution Pia and NHS expert Luke Hale, who besides created nan Lungy iPhone app, which offers breathing exercises to group pinch respiratory problems.

Lungy is disposable arsenic a wellness application for helping alteration accent and anxiety, and Pia is presently processing a aesculapian instrumentality app, Lungy Health, that is approved arsenic a therapy for patients pinch breathing conditions, specified arsenic asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary illness (COPD). Lungy Health will acquisition its first objective proceedings successful 2024.

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